Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday encore ~ The chickens lose their porch privileges

Before we get to today's encore post, let's pick a winner in the Bainbridge Farm Goods white board giveaway. 

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At this time last year, I was posting vermin stories left and right. This year? Not a single mouse or rat story to tell. 
JohnnyCashCat has made them all disappear. So for those of you who miss dead vermin stories, this encore is for you.


It was Tuesday morning around ten o'clock. As usual, I was in my office, working my way through all of the jobs 
due by the end of the day. There was a loud knock peck at the office door. It was Eugenia.

Eugenia: Look what I brought you, mom!
Me: Are you freakin' kidding me?? You know I'll have to stop what I'm doing, get the camera,
and take pictures for the folks at home. They will be totally grossed out, and it will be all your fault.
Eugenia: So be it. I'm tired of those damned donkeys getting all the attention.

Smooch: Mom, Eugenia is playing with a dead mouse.
Me: I'm well aware of that. Please stop pressing your nose against the glass. It's dirty enough.

Minnie saw how much fun Eugenia was having and wanted a piece of the action...literally.

So did Clara.

Me: Can't you girls find someplace else to play?

Eugenia: The expansion seam in the concrete makes a good goal line – helps us keep score.

Eugenia: Whoo-hoo! Another point for me!

Me: How can I get any work done with you two playing mouseball on the porch? 

Me: Take that thing into the outfield and don't come back.

Me: Your porch privileges are officially suspended.


  1. I wonder if you will have fewer snake visits since all the mice have disappeared.
    Good work, Johnny Cash Cat. He deserves a raise.
    BA SP

  2. My two cats do that, too. They want to visit for a game of cats vs. chickens mouseball.


  3. LOL - Smooch seems decidedly disinterested in the whole giveaway thing. Perhaps next time the chickens will have to draw the winning ticket.

  4. Excellent Encore. I'm one of those people who crack up at the Chicken / vermin games. Well played, LOL

  5. Congratulations Heidi!!
    I loved this post when you first put it up. Anyone who thinks chickens are vegetarian has never owned a chicken.

  6. Leave it to you to make a comical story our of a dead mouse and some chickens! HAHAHA.....Giggled all the way thru it....Poor Mouse!