Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mud wrestling with Lucy and George

As soon as the rain stopped on Saturday, Lucy went out for a mud bath.

She was out of practice and rolled herself right onto a very sharp yucca bush.

George: Are you all right, Lucy?

Lucy: I'm a little stuck...in more ways than one.

Lucy took George's concern for her welfare as a flirtatious gesture and started to put the moves on him.

As usual, George rebuffed her advances, muttering something about her being his sister...

and the need to clean up her act if she ever hoped to find a date.


  1. It's spring and everybody feels it. Great story!
    BA SP

  2. your donkey's have the bestest conversations of any I know... love that upside down shot..

  3. Love Lucy's new spring dye job. She's cute as a brunet and it takes YEARS off of her. (heeeheee)

  4. AHhhhh! Spring is in the air at 7MSN Ranch.

  5. I'll never understand what the appeal of mud is to the animals---especially the really fuzzy ones. It's not like a matted coat will protect them from flies. :)

  6. My cat is always rolling around in the dust. I noticed last year that, unlike our dog, she never had a problem with ticks. She'd bring them in the house, but they wouldn't burrow into her skin. Interesting...

  7. a mud body mask is always good for a girls complexion and attitude........

  8. Do you think Lucy had a very wild youth?? I do!! Remember how she tried to steal the "loco"weed in the bucket (how many years has she been clean and sober?), she's got an anchor tattoo, (which she probably woke up one morning wondering how the devil it got there) and now she rolls in the mud with abandon showing her...well...milk faucets to all, and then she nearly grabs George by the mane to drag him off....Yup, she plays the "sweet as honey" act very well, but she's caught on film now!! Ah, Spring!

  9. I always thought Lucy was quite dignified until today and especially after Elizabeth's comment. Shocking, simply shocking!