Monday, April 21, 2014

A pleasant surprise

It's been dry here for so long that I've stopped paying attention to the weather forecast.
How many different ways are there to say sunny and breezy?
Well, color me surprised. It rained all day on Saturday. What a gift!

Johnny wasn't sure how to react to the raindrops at first,

then he remembered how much he hates to get wet.

 Hank knew exactly what to do: stand outside the barn and take a shower.

 Lucy turned to me for advice.
Me: Move away from the door and you won't get wet.

 George remembered just how loud rain on a metal roof can sound.

Alan tried to will the rain to stop.


 The chickens played in it,

 I measured it,

and when it finally stopped, we all stood around watching the grass grow 
and being thankful for this wonderful surprise.


  1. what a blessing to have that much rain... never knew chickens would play in the rain....

  2. and Hank had a gorgeous mud bath! your rain sings happiness!

  3. We flew home in it from Arizona. It was the worst turbulence in flight we have ever experienced. The flight crew couldn't get the beverages out until three hours into the five hour flight. I'm glad it did SOMEBODY some good!

  4. good for you and the herd! maybe you will have a "wet" summer!!


  5. That's the greatest shot of George! Calendar material.

  6. Your pictures are lovely. Hank looks like he has been rolling, his cheeks are muddy.

    It is rainy here today in southern New Brunswick, our snow has finally melted.


  7. That photo of George, priceless eh!! I hear that watching the grass grow helps lower blood pressure.

  8. I like rain in the springtime. It is not too cold and cleans up the neighborhood and waters my plants in the garden.
    I have tenacious green buds showing through and the snow just left. Yes to spring!
    BA SP

  9. Love the rain gauge. Proper tool for the job. Happy surprise indeed.

  10. Hooray!! Almost a half inch! I expect pictures tomorrow of muddy equines.

  11. We were so excited that we even did some dancing in the rain ourselves. Happy, happy rain.
    I love the photos of the reactions to the weather. I don't think I have ever noticed or seen the bull horns on Georges ears before. Ole'. Of course I don't know that you have pictured him with his ears just so.

  12. I like George's crown. Does he also demand to be called Prince George?

  13. And, Wynonna? Did she get some fresh mud to sprawl around in?

  14. George's ears!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
    Yay, rain at the ranch! Though I wish I could share your enthusiasm for rain in's supposed to rain here for the next week.

  15. I always got a great chuckle from watching my chickens and water...they are just nutty over water. So glad your pastures will be green. Wonder if they will be as green as last year. Happy Monday.

  16. An American in Tokyo4/21/14, 7:06 PM

    How does George do that with his ears?! And his face is so slim, he looks so pretty, like a girly!! ;)
    And I love the picture with your chicken...all the beautiful, vivid colors in it! I just start to wonder if you might have enhanced the color a little. I keep hoping it's all nature's brilliant colors.

    Great to hear that you got rain! I hope it brings lots of green and flowers!

  17. I love rain, even when we don't need it. There is just something very comforting about rain on the roof (maybe not the tin roof!)

    Jo in MN