Monday, April 14, 2014

George swears at Lucy

 There's something about seeing everybody lined up along her fence...

 ...that drives Smooch into an absolute frenzy.

 It's almost like she has to show off for the crowd.

 George: I get tired just watching her.

 Lucy: Me, too.

George didn't take kindly to being used as Lucy's head rest and stomped off.

For those of you wondering how donkeys speak with their tails, I present exhibit A:

Lucy was surprised that he would use such language.


  1. That makes sense. Horses swish their tails for various reasons and one of them is in annoyance. Interesting. :)

  2. Love Lucy's reaction. Now if we could just bottle Smooch's energy, I'm a buyer.

  3. brahahahah love that tail talk.... and smooch is a getting it.... i am wondering if they are standing there just to irritate smooch... i like the first shot
    because i can see the different sizes of all three, which for some reason i never noticed before.

  4. Your animals are so entertaining. I loved the video of the tail switch and the ear flip.


  5. In all my years around horses, I spent so much time assessing body language in the herd so I could be safe around them (no sense getting kicked in the head if the kick is meant for another horse). I never once paid any attention to tails, but now feel certain that I was missing out on vital information. The last photo(s) is so cool!

  6. Very clever! YOU as a blogger and George as a 'fast talker'.

  7. sweet Lucy! why is George reacting like this? it was not aggressive, and he accepts it from Alan

  8. I would have guessed gas.... Jus sayin'