Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday encore ~ The state of their union is strong

George: There's one ball and two of us. What should we do?

Alan: What we always do. Share.

George: It's a good thing we get along so well and are always in sync.

Alan: I can't imagine life without you. Seriously. You're the only one who understands me.

Lucy: You got that right.


  1. Sweetest boys anywhere!

    Jo in MN

  2. George and Alan forever!

  3. They're so cute together. Best buds. And I noticed in the 3rd pic that Alan in pacing - both left side feet off the ground at the same time. Do donkeys often pace, or is it just Alan?

  4. Agree with the others! My Heart Duo. These guys - I always imagine them as being nothing but sweet and mellow. Because how else would they be, with the happy, wonderful life they have at The 7MSN Ranch. ["Wonderful" must be my most often used word here.] And that shot from behind? Wonderful. [Where's my thesaurus?!] Phantastic, cute, lovely, great. :)