Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cool, calm and calculating

Johnny has the whole living-with-four-equines thing figured out. It's a complicated formula involving speed, distance, 
and the square root of ear length multiplied by minutes since their last meal.

 He knows the precise moment he must calmly walk under the nearest barrier...

...to prevent any unwanted contact, sniffing, or stomping. 
None of them have ever tried to hurt him, but JohnnyCautiousCat takes no chances.

If looks could kill, Alan would be dead.

Johnny is confident that Hank and Lucy won't waste their time chasing him and that 
George's pursuits are half-hearted at best. Alan is the one that keeps him on his toes.

He knows all of his escape routes just in case.

He's tried reasoning with Alan and appealing to his sense of familial harmony,

but they've still got a ways to go on reaching an agreement.


  1. Well the tail is flying at half mast in the last pic so things must be getting a little better.
    BA SP

  2. I think I could happily sit in a lawn chair in the sunshine in your barn and watch the animal antics as my blood pressure went down at the end of the day eh!

  3. Really, I had no idea that Alan had bit of a problem with Johnny? Luckily, JCC is on his toes.

    1. Not all the time - it depends on who woke up that day, Good Alan or Bad Alan. JCC can tell the difference - I can't!

  4. Alan has playing on his brain, to the exclusion of many other things :) Johnny knows what to do, skeedaddle.

  5. "and the square root of ear length multiplied by...." BWAHAHAHAHA! That cracked me up!

  6. My experience with cat and much, much bigger dog is this:One day the cat will realize that not only is she faster than the offending critter, but she is smarter, in every way there is. She can put herself in places, very quickly, that the offender could only dream of. Now and daily, its getting more and more fun to watch!

    Jo and Zkhat

  7. cool calm calculating and clever, JohnnyCC, you are a star

  8. HA~ He is so darn CUTE!
    ~Cheryl Ann~