Thursday, December 5, 2013

Shoo fly, don't bother me

Fly season ended here about two months ago. I sure don't miss the daily fly mask/fly spray chores, though I'd happily 
welcome them back in exchange for wintery weather. Be that as it may, flies are no longer bugging the herd outside. 
They've come into the garage to bug me instead. 

The garage wall by the window is covered with ginormous black flies in some sort of hibernation state. 
They barely move when it's cold, then when it warms up a little, they start to fly around again and one or two will 
invariably find their way into the house, buzzing loud enough to wake the dead me up in the middle of the night. 

I don't recall having this problem in previous years, so I suspect it must have something to do with all the rain 
we had in late summer. I'm all for peaceful coexistence with the wildlife out here – the snakes, coyotes, porcupines
and tarantulas all know they can come and go as long as they don't hurt the animals or me. 
But I draw the line when it comes to flies.

Prepare to die, flies.

I've had this trusty shoe-fly swatter since 1993 – hard to believe I've owned the same fly swatter for 20 years.
It was a gift from the guy who patented it and made his fortune selling them at K-mart. I used to go out with him. Go figure. 

Did you know that flies always back up a little bit when they take off to fly?
So when you're trying to swat one, aim about a quarter inch behind them – works every time.


  1. Hahaha that sly swatter its so funny havent seen ever something like that :P

    Welcome to my blog

  2. thanks for the tip. I got really tired of cleaning fly guts on my shop office windows after smacking them so during fly season and we have the big doors open I go after them with a small vacuum ;D less mess

  3. Cluster flies. SO annoying.

    I guess your friend deserves his fortune if his fly swatters last so long!

  4. I was thinking Shop-vac since there was more than one attempting to hibernate. Add a little borax( 20 Mule Team) during the vacuuming session and that should take care of the little pests.

    Alternately, if they are active in the garage, one of the sticky-pad glue traps. Add a little bait in the middle and they can trap themselves.

    That's one super-duper fly swatter. I would only make a mess smacking all those flys.

    Good Luck!
    M in NC

  5. Fly paper strips come on a little roll you unfurl and hang where they most congregate chemicals and the flies that get stuck on them attract more flies. A full strip of collected flies is a little gross but SO satisfying!

  6. Kill 'em before they can multiply!Can you tell I don't like flies? Flies are so annoying.

  7. Ah, the ballistic method of fly control! My favorite...Zen the fly and the half inch, then WHACK!

  8. I remember encountering flies in Colorado when it was about 65*---they all flew in slow motion. I was ever so glad to kill them, as they were biters.

  9. I had similar flies to yours in my house that would gather by the window every day. Turns out I had a dead squirrel in the attic! Maybe you have a dead varmint somewhere in the garage?

  10. YUUCCCKKK. had those last summer....all that buzzzzzzzing. good luck. stay warm.

  11. Ewwww is right. Definitely a job for the Shop-Vac.
    Those are huge and creepy.

  12. OMG - we have the exact same flyswatter! I picked mine up - in brand new condition - at a garage sale here on Vancouver Island about five years ago. Who woulda thought?

  13. A vacuum them up with the wand of the vacuum cleaner. No mess. They can't escape.

  14. Love that swatter.
    I don't like flies either.
    I live in the woods and I figure they can go anywhere they want but not in the house or garage.

  15. We've had these monster flies invade the house on two occasions in the summertime. They just came in 'out of nowhere'. Thank goodness we have battery operated zappers. They look like small tennis racquets and leave no mess, just fried flies. Press a button and the bugs die with no mess. Harbor Freight calls them electric fly swatters and they're really cheap. I've seen them for $2 each and worth every penny at twice the price.

  16. Flies that bite? I've never seen one of those here in Georgia, I don't guess we get those. We do get plenty of disgusting, nasty regular flies that spread their germs on everything they touch. The only fly I like is a dead one.

  17. That's the ONE thing I'm grateful for about the cold weather we're getting - the end of fly season! Although, we're still getting the odd fly in the house. Maybe you need to add a frog to your herd. *grin*

  18. my cat, a light ginger like JCC is the most amazing fly catcher: he presses them down on the floor in one movement

  19. Love your shoe-fly swatter and thanks for the tip but then I will need a fly swatter first! :-D Great seeing you when we had Thanksgiving Dinner together...FYI, Justina misses you!

  20. Use your vaccuum.

    When they are in that torpor state you can suck the right up!!!!

  21. Carson,
    This reminds me of my daughter! I hate flies, but my daughter back when she was still at home would have a fit if she saw me go after a fly. She didn't want me to kill them but shoo them back outside. She is also a terrible fishing partner! When my husband would take the girls fishing she would cry when he'd try to get a minnow -- she'd named them all! She gets this from me but I draw the line at flies!
    Warm hugs,
    Deb In Viola

  22. Hi...I have the same flyswatter.... I got in about 24 yrs ago (ish). I still use it. I love it!!! However, the flip flop is starting to wear. I was hoping to replace it. I want to put this one away to save for my daughter as it was her father who bought it for me and he has passed away. Anyway, do you know I could get another one?? My email is Thank you so much!!!!

  23. Loved my shoe-fly swatter it’s just as old as yours. Applied to much pressure on it and broke it yesterday. Searching for a replacement!