Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Home is where your donkey brays

Is this not the cutest thing ever? 

Lucy: Gee thanks, mom. With all this talk of Harriet lately, I thought you'd forgotten about me. 
Me: I was talking about the sign. 

It came via Santa from Bainbridge Farm Goods. They're a home-grown business located on Bainbridge Island 
in Washington, and they offer a positively delightful collection of colorful aluminum, 
UV-resistant farm and garden signs. I love them all (and they're not paying me to say this).

What barn couldn't use a little art to liven up the space?

Lucy: Who needs art when you've got the real thing?


  1. Lucy does have a point. Great sign though :)

  2. This is one of my favorites! Because of the sign and Lucy's sweet face!

  3. Love that 2nd shot of Lucy ... she just looks so sweet and innocent in that picture!! Hope you have a great weekend ... Hugs from CO ... Marcia

  4. Morning Bray: We'll all miss you when you're gone.

  5. such a sweetie! yes she is the real thing! love pix 2. thanks Linda

  6. Lucy, you are just the bees knees!! Love your smiley face and if I were there, I would not be able to resist a hug and kiss!! Retta :-)

  7. Oh, that 2nd photo nearly did me in. Lucy is one seriously cutie patootie. *love*

  8. You were capable of telling her that you were talking about the sign?! ;-)

    (Cute sign!)