Sunday, December 1, 2013

And on the seventh day, we still had snow

I'd like to think that last weekend's big snowstorm is the only one we'll have this season. 

Anyone who comments "oh...but it's so pretty!" is cordially invited to do my chores.

The reflected light from the snow is a bonus, though... pesky dark shadows to get in the way of Lucy's loveliness.

How delicately she stands and munches on the grass that pokes through the snow...

...unlike some others we know who bite off more than they can chew and make a mess.

George: She must be talking about Alan.

I will admit that the all this whiteness is a nice change of pace from our usual brown and occasional green,

but blue is still my favorite color.


  1. Oh...but it's so pretty!

  2. Beautiful nature with beautiful animals :)

    Welcome to join my blog

  3. P.S. Thank you for the invitation! When do I start? :)

    P.P.S. Beautiful photos! (As always)

  4. You are truly blessed with the bluest blue!

  5. Your skies are second to none with that gorgeous blue background color! It's one of my favorite things about NM. :)

  6. my fav today is the first and last against that blue blue sky... you are right, the reflected light from the snow is beautiful and brings out each and every beautiful hair on their sweet faces.

  7. my fav today is the delicate eyes of Lucy

  8. Handsome Hank is my favorite today. Beautiful eye and curved neck.

  9. Oh...Hank, such a strong face but gentle at the same time... Love this photo
    And Lucy always ready for a hug and snuggle, so sweet.
    Those other two goobers Alan and George are so funny and lovable in their own ways.
    I bet doing chores is a bitch these past few days, ugh feel for ya!

  10. Your photos make me feel like I'm right there, enjoying all the beauty of the blue sky, the gorgeous open landscape, the snuffles and scent of donkeys and horse (minus the chores, of course!) What a way to start my day - thank you.

  11. You did hear from sundog, but doubt anyone from Minniesnowda will volunteer. We haven't had any big snow yet but when we do, just shoveling walks and driveways is a chore. Maybe through some transmogrification New Mexico will be getting OUR snow and we will be getting your puny snows. Ah, I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

    Cheers,to blue skies and sun,


  12. I do feel a little guilty enjoying these wonderful pictures when I know how much work it must take to keep a ranch. How it must feel for you to be able to breathe deeply of all the open land under that awesome blue sky! Despite the hard work, I am happy for you, and I wish it could be me. :)

  13. Hank agrees about the blue. Fabulous, simply fabulous.

    The light, beautiful and soft.Lovely Lucy.

    Thank you for these pictures.

  14. George is welcomed at my dinner table anytime; we are not delicate eaters!

    And .... Sigh..... Handsome Hank...... Be still my heart <3

  15. Quite jealous! It's 36c here and I'm hiding in the aircon - just looking at that makes me want to jump into it to cool down!

  16. Yes, but the snow sure is pretty! :-)