Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The third time's the charm

Every fall, I haul Hank and Lucy to our favorite vet in Albuquerque for their annual check-ups.
(George and Alan, hardy little creatures that they are, go every two years.)
We originally planned to go in mid-September, when ranchsitter Danni was here.
She had accompanied me on this adventure once before, so who better to help me again?
Alas, I didn't have the fortitude to go through with it then, so I cancelled the appointment.
Then a few weeks ago, while ranchsitter Denise was still here, I rescheduled the appointment.
She had also accompanied me a previous year, and I knew she could talk me off the ledge if things went south. 
Alas, they did – the day before the appointment when I discovered that a few of the trailer floor boards had to be replaced.

Anyway, I rescheduled the appointment for the third time yesterday. And you know what? We made it. 
I credit my 48 hours (ok, maybe more) of fretting over every possible horrible thing that could go wrong 
with the reason nothing went wrong. There is something about hauling my precious cargo
in a glorified tin can down the bumpy dirt road, then to town, that simply terrifies me.
I'm sure I said something similar last year when I blogged about the trip,
and the year before that, and the year before that. Some things will never change.

Yesterday, Lucy cowgirled up and went inside the clinic for the first time. 
On previous visits she was ... shall we say, less than willing?

She may not look too happy, but she was a very good girl and earned many peppermints from the techs.

Her favorite part of the adventure was flirting with the drivers of the vehicles behind us.


  1. I would be so "stuck" behind that trailer, voluntarily, just to enjoy flirting with such precious cargo!
    Sure hope they got a clean bill of health, and that Hank's knee isn't worse than last time (so that you can *really* relax now).

  2. I don't blame you Lucy honey for not liking that once a year trip to the Doctor.....I also dislike it also ;( so glad you are a healthy girl with lots of flirt ;p

  3. Hope they got a clean bill of health.

    Best always,

  4. i am with sundog, i would stay right behind you watching her through the slats.. she is so pretty.. and i would be a nervous wreck doing it to. i get that way taking the dogs in. a few years ago, bob was standing outside waiting for me to pay the vet bill, i walked out and a woman came out behind me with two dog leases in one hand, giant sized husky's. the mail jerked out of her hand and jumped on Max and it was a terrible fight and bob got bit twice...since then i get nerves for days before vet appointments.

  5. Such precious cargo, indeed. I totally sympathize with your trepidation, and I marvel at your courage and abilities to take care of such large beauties. I have a large animal vet friend that has a thriving practice as a 'mobile vet'. He goes to the animals. His practice enables him to do 'mission' work one month a year, where he goes into hard to reach places like the canyon and mountains to treat and tend to the animals on reservations. Your post this morning just made me think of him...I love your heart for your babies.

  6. I understand your worry wholeheartedly! I was always terribly lucky in that my vet made ranch calls. I never had to haul Luke anywhere.

  7. I hope Hanks knee got a good report. Or at least a no change report. Lucy looks sweet in that trailer.

  8. Don't tell me Vets don't make house calls anymore? Glad it all went smoothly for your and your bf'sf

  9. Hank, Lucy, I have to go see my Doc on Monday the 4th and I really dread it, so I know a little of how you might feel. Creepy feeling, right?

    Hope all your tests were fine and that mine are too.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  10. I'll bet having Hank there with her, with his calm, quiet demeanor helped alot. So glad everything went well and that everyone got a clean bill of health - and minty fresh breath!

  11. Lucy looks so calm and beautiful! Where are Hank's photos? He's gorgeous, too!

    Nancy in Iowa

  12. I want to get a magnet sign with something like: "DON'T TAILGATE! The cargo is precious to ME!" Yes, I take weekly lessons with Libby, and have to haul her 12 miles ONE way, and it is the LOOONGEST 24 miles EVER!

  13. Good girl....peppermint treats....and flirting with everyone...
    Love from NC

  14. I really wonder what Lucy was thinking there inside the vet. I love the flirting! you could hang her name there: I am Lucy!

  15. Mission accomplished in fine form. Lucy was cutting you some slack since she knows she never wants you to disappear again.

    At least I think that is what I saw in her sweet face. Now that she knows about the peppermints....

    Now everybody is snug on the ranch.

  16. I would really love to hug her!