Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday encore ~'s what's for dinner

It was around 5:30 Wednesday evening. I was sitting with the herd while they ate their dinner,
fortifying myself with an adult beverage in preparation for watching the big debate. 
No sooner had I sat down when a big fat tarantula (BFT) came waltzing across the corral. 

I could have sat back and watched him pass by, but of course I did not. The scene had blog post written all over it. 
I went back to the house to fetch my camera.

By the time I returned, the BFT was still in the corral, heading west.

I've witnessed so many tarantulas living here that they cease to surprise me, 
yet they still give me the heebie-jeebies. So I was pretty darned glad that 
I was photographing the BFT from the opposite side of the fence.

George gave him a passing glance, but being a strict vegetarian, he left the BFT alone and went back to his hay.

The BFT continued his way westward, and I was ready to bid him adieu as he headed off into the sunset.

But then he made a very bad decision. 

He turned north and crossed into the chicken yard. I could have bet the ranch on what would happen next, 
and it was in my power to stop it, yet sadly I could not. 
Saving the BFT from my carniverous chickens would have meant *gasp* touching the BFT.
I couldn't bring myself to do it. Call me a coward. I'll get over it.

Clara: The way I see it, he's got 8 legs and there are 4 of us. We each get 2.

Eugenia: NFW. I'm keeping all 8 for myself.

Eugenia tossed the BFT in the air to keep him away from her sisters.

Then she squashed him like a bug.

Clara: She can be such a selfish bitch. At least I got one leg out of the deal.

I wonder what a chicken thinks about while devouring a it tastes? 
How those leg hairs are getting stuck on her beak? How she'd better floss?

Eugenia didn't stop to think for long. 

She ran off with the main course with Peach in pursuit.

They rounded the corner and ran into Clara, who had made an end run.
But wait...who is that hiding in the shadows? Why, it's Honey Bunny!

Honey Bunny: I can't believe your chickens eat tarantulas.
Me: Me neither.

Honey Bunny: I'm outta here. Wouldn't want them to think I'm dessert.


  1. i would let the chickens have him to... i am trying not to shiver and shake looking at the photos. that is one fine looking BFT but not for me. honey bunny is more my style

  2. Love this story.
    Best always,

  3. How wonderful that there is one less spider in the world!!! Me hates them with infinity passion.

  4. What, no macro head shots? I've never seen the eyes of a tarantula. Next time, how about an extreme close-up? :-}

  5. Yak, yik yuk I had just finished eating! I guess you'll have these dinosaur eggs again after such a protein intake! I used to save a lot of spiders from my cat by dumping a glass jar on top of them and slowy inserting a cardboard paper under the jar then trhowing the whole lot away when I had reached the safety area. I never touched any but I did need to practice a good hold.

  6. Those chickens are my new heroes...

  7. Better the feathered group than you having to touch that thing...YUCK! But, better that than a snake...UGH!!!
    Love the chicken stories and pictures..Why don't you take a group photo(if that's possible) and add them to your header photos? Then the whole of the 7MSN Ranch crew will be represented....or are there more that you haven't written about yet? Always a mystery story in the desert!!!
    Good to see that you are up and about feeling better...Have a great weekend.
    Love from NC

  8. OMG I forgot how funny and just an eensy bit horrifying this post is.... Thanks for sharing again :)

  9. ahhhh, I need to get a few hens!

  10. Hip hip hooray for the chickens. eeek.
    Cute little Honey Bunny