Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Pink or blue?

Last week when George and Alan were trying to decide between paper or plastic
reader Jean asked, "Can burros distinguish colour?" Interesting question. Let's find out, shall we?

When given the choice of blue or pink, Alan went straight for the blue.

There was no doubt in George's mind – he wanted the pink.

Me: How about it, boys? Were your able to distinguish the colors you selected? Or were your choices totally random?
Alan: What difference does it make as long as we look suave and debonair?

Me: I think we've got to work on the styling. I'm not liking the way we tied your cravat. 

Alan: Oops. Wardrobe malfunction.

Alan: Lucy is back there mocking me, isn't she?
Me: She's just jealous because she hasn't had her turn to pick out clothes.

Lucy: Pshaw. I would never wear anything off the rack.


  1. yeah, Lucy wants a new hat just for her, in a fashionable colour, violet or orange to match the sseason. she is a pumpkin girl.

  2. Good morning! It was great to see this one again! Hope you're doing better than ever.

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. How to turn burros into cool cats (or even cuter badasses)...

    Hope you didn't have to row shopping today!

  4. do you sell your hats??? they are great and my boys would love to choose one. which i would wear and not let them shred to bits!!!