Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paper or plastic?

It was early Saturday morning and time to take enough photos to fill this blog for the next week conduct an important research project: 
which type of feed sack makes the better toy – traditional paper or the new-fangled rip-stop recycleable plastic?

I had planned to ask George and Alan, but Hank insisted on participating.
He chose plastic.

Hank: Where are George and Alan? We need their opinions.

Me: I can't believe you're sticking your head in a feed sack. Oh wait, I forgot.
You've turned into a burro and aren't afraid of anything.

George: Will we get paid for our participation?
Alan: This had better be worth our while.

Lucy: I want no part of this alleged research.

Lucy: Hank, you'd better get back here if you hope to be on the blog this week.

George agreed with Hank and went for the plastic.

Alan: He never shares.

George: Don't be such a sad sack.

Alan: I'll show him. I'll play with this paper sack...

...as soon as I figure out how to take it off the cactus.

Here's a short video to watch while Alan tries to solve his problem. 
We'll all be back tomorrow with part two of the research.


  1. Boy, look at Lucy's ears go back and forth!~

  2. Where the heck do you recycle those darn bags? I have tried and tried - no go. Number 5 plastic? Nope, can't find anyone who accepts it, so my garbage is crammed with them.

  3. I am continually fascinated by the fact that donkeys are so much more sensible about "scary things" than horses.

  4. I think Paco needs a burro. He's scared to death of crinkly plastic noises.

    Maybe I should ship him down for a lesson or two in how to play with empty bags!

  5. To Anonymous: Check with your local 4-H. The 4-H Club in my area makes tote bags from the plastic feed sacks and sells them.

  6. This Hollywood bunch are game for anything. And you are just too clever in presenting them with their scripts. Love it!

  7. My grocery store always asks me if I want paper or plastic too. That's when I remember I left my earth-friendly cloth bags in the car.

  8. Hank is looking in very fine form.

  9. It's fun to watch you provide entertainment....for them and us.
    If in doubt...put some dirt on it.

  10. Can burros distinguish colour? I notice their 'toys' are often yellow or red or orange (well, except those plastic lawn chairs which I seem to recall were white). I wondered if the colour of the bag would influence their decision.