Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Johnny comes marching home

JohnnyCashCat has officially moved back to his original apartment in the feed room. 
I suspect he was getting claustrophobic in the hay barn, now that it is finally full. 
Of all the time-warpedness I'm feeling lately, having lost a few weeks of September, nothing makes me shake my head more 
than looking at the full hay barn. How did that happen? It's like the hay fairies filled it up when I wasn't watching,
which I guess isn't all that far from the truth.

Johnny: I'm ready for my dinner.

Johnny: Did you not hear me the first time?

Johnny: I could use a new bed, too. All the fluff is gone out of this one.

Johnny: Look! There's CeeCee. She'll feed me if you won't.

Me: Hate to tell you this, but you'll have to wait your turn.

Me: She's busy enjoying her last evening with the herd.


  1. so happy you are home and I know you are and all your sweet family is happy to... JC is so photographic

  2. Your blog is too good and your friends are gorgeous animals.
    I like to look at their pictures, unfortunately my English is very poor
    and I have to use google translator to read and so often for lack of time
    I just watch.

  3. Johnny is a good model. They will all miss CeeCee. Full hay barn has to be like a wish come true. With all the green around there it will last a long time. Happy bunny rabbits when they can get past JCC.

  4. Johnny Cash Cat is just so beautiful......and so are your photos. I know it must feel wonderful to be back where you love being. Hope all the medical stuff is but just a memory soonest.

  5. Nice to feel you are happy thru your pictures. Johnny you are gorgeous! and right you need to be treated well! Do I see Hank hugging Lucy?

  6. Looking forward to meeting your next "ranch-and-Carson" sitter!
    I love the close up of JohnnyCashCat. I hope he eventually got his dinner. :)

  7. Johnny is a very handsome fella. Nothing makes me happier than a barn full of hay! So glad you are home...just don't try to do everything at once-ok?

  8. JCC is such a handsome fella! CeeCee looks like she would stay their forever, it must be hard leaving after just a week. Glad to hear that everything is running smoothly on the ranch. Have a relaxing day.

  9. I love when you show up Johnny. How are you ?

  10. It's so good to see you at home on the ranch where you belong! I'm sure CeeCee will be glad to get home, but she will always have memories of your wonderful herd and other critters. She's done a great job of taking care of all of you!

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. Either every animal you run across is inherently gorgeous, or you are the most flattering photographer out there. Or both. Wish you could photograph me!

  12. Is it me, or did CeeCee's visit go by too quickly?

    Johnny Cat is sure a handsome fellow. I agree, he needs a fluffy bed for the winter - or he might just get ideas and bunk in with Wynonna and we all know that wouldn't go well.

    Glad to see you're back home and feeling better, I trust.

  13. I must have missed something ...about how and when he quit barn cat duties and became a coddled pet...hahahhaha .... the chickens won't be thrilled if he doesn't bring them treats anymore...

  14. Poor ol' starvin' Johnny! Good looks don't count for anything these days, I guess.

  15. JCC looks mighty PO'd at you non-feeders. Hope you filled that bowl before he passed out.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  16. Your hay barn must smell like home without the aching muscles to go with it, but I am sure that will come soon enough.
    Sweet dreams to all!

  17. Who will be with you after CeCe goes? Take it easy. I'm going to say it again- really - take it easy. No more hospital please! So glad you are home. Johnny will settle back into his routine now that you're back. Your animals must be so glad to see you!

  18. I bet all the animals are glad to have "Mom" back, although they were in excellent hands! There's just nothing like being at home! :-)