Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Four-wheeling to town

Ranchsitter #3 - CeeCee - got her chance to go four-wheeling on Monday. It rained (again) Sunday night,
leaving a new assortment of ponds and gullies to drive through. Under normal circumstances, I would have said, 
"screw it, we're staying home," but in the name of doing the right thing, we forged onward 
to a doctor appointment. 

There was plenty to look at as we slipped around in the greasy mud.

We picked up an escort.

Hawk: Follow me!

Too bad the truck doesn't have wings. We could have used them.

We made it safely to the highway despite the mud and, of course, in true New Mexico fashion, 
the road was practically dry by the time we returned a few hours later. 
There's dry weather in the forecast – just in time for the changing of the guard ranchsitters on Wednesday.


  1. Beautiful series of the Hawk ! Love watching them , unless it is in the field while my chickens are free ranging.

  2. i am thinking all these ranchsitters are being trained and next year when you want to head for the beaches you will have many trained sitters to choose from... love that cow.

  3. you riding shotgun is providing us with some beautiful photos to view eh!!

  4. Wonderful shots of the hawk! Can we see an "interview" of CeeCee? She seems like another special gal.

  5. Glad the road is firming up. Great pics. I don't think they do the velcro-closured abdomen wrap thing anymore after major abdominal surgery. Thirty years ago the one I had made road trips easier, not to mention daily life. Security, thy name is snuggly.

  6. Those are cool shots you took. I never have a camera in hand when I see a bird in flight.

    So, how was the Dr's appointment ?

  7. So glad you're making it through all the muck and looking after yourself.

    I felt compelled to find out what Hawk, as a spirit animal, represented. Kind of cool: http://www.animalspirits.com/index9.html

    Blessings, my Friend.


  8. I hope all that cross country driving doesn't hurt your stomach too mucj :-(


  9. I hope the apt. went well. I love your escort and can't wait to see who the next ranchsitter is.

  10. That is a beautiful escort you've got there...

  11. Great photos of a tricky subject! And on a rutted, muddy road too - well done you!

  12. Glad to see you are getting out of the house, even if it's just to a doctor's appointment. Amazed on how fast everything dries up.

  13. Beautiful hawk...beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  14. I love watching hawks soar. They are so graceful. It makes me want to fly. Look at that wing span.
    All the best and hope you are healing up lickety split, Carson.

  15. The hawk pictures are beautiful! Hope you are feeling much better.. but it takes a bit to get your "groove" back after major surgery. Just be careful.. Sharon/Comancheshadow