Monday, August 5, 2013

Lucy's weekly weigh-in

Several of you have asked about Lucy's weight and eating habits now that I've sentenced her to wearing a grazing muzzle. 
Does she binge eat as soon as I take the muzzle off? Hard to say. I'd have to follow her around all night long to find out. 
My only way of knowing whether she's maintaining her weight or putting on some extra poundage 
is by how her saddle fits every time we go for a ride. 
It's sort of like me and my favorite jeans. I put them on every week when I go to town, and if they're too tight, 
obviously I had the dryer set too hot the last time I washed them and they shrunk.

Anyway, every time I saddle her up, I check to see that the front and back cinches tighten to the same holes. 
I took my camera with me Saturday morning for Lucy's weekly weigh-in so you can see how she's doing.

First we have to find her. Were it not for this part of Lucy's weigh-in, my favorite jeans would be even tighter. 

Lucy: Crap. She's going to make me get up and take her for a ride.

Me: If we ride far enough and you burn enough calories, 
you might not have to wear your grazing muzzle for as many hours today.

Lucy: Well, when you put it in those terms, hauling your ass around seems like a pretty good deal.

Excuse me while I take pictures of Lucy against a green background. The novelty still hasn't worn off.

Lucy: This is how those contestants on "The Biggest Loser" must feel
when they're walking up to the scale in front of a national TV audience.

The tension mounts as I tighten the cinches...

Lucy: My saddle fits me better than your jeans fit you.
Me: Shut up.

Bottom line, Lucy passed her weekly cinch test. 
The grazing muzzle may not be helping her lose weight, but at least she's not gaining any.


  1. Hm.
    There must be a human version of such a contraption. I wonder where a person would buy such a thing...
    Not for myself, you understand...

  2. The 2nd bog picture (the first one with Lucy) ...she looks like she is ready to go hold-up the local convenience store!

    It certainly is green out your way. Are the boys packing on the pounds as easy as Lucy?

    M in NC

  3. So, does Lucy wear bracelets just to dress up when you go on a ride, or do they actually have a function?

  4. so that is why my jeans get so tight..darn dryer is at fault... Lucy looks fine to me in that saddle.

  5. Holy cow! Is that why my jeans are so tight? The dryer? :)
    I am loving that magical color, green. I came home from Iowa last week declaring that we were moving. It was SO green.

  6. Lucy has such nice and clever answers and comments! love it!

  7. LOL - love the cinch test. :) Lucy is such a great gal in every single way!

  8. girls, girls, now don't fight, you're both pretty......
    Cute post.

  9. Seems like the plan is working fine. Lucy and green go well together. Not tired of seeing the green either.

    Life is good at the 7MSN.

  10. I have been following your blog for about two years and I swear I don't recall any of your amazing pictures SO GREEN. Good Golly.

  11. A couple of thoughts.....

    Don't donkeys take a big breath right before you pull on the cinch, the same way horses do?

    It looks like maybe in the absence of grazing, Lucy is just lying around. Is she getting less exercise w/o the ability to (stroll and) eat?

    Funny, I had horses the whole time growing up and I've never seen a grazing muzzle before.

  12. Lucy looks wonderful! Enjoy your day! :)

  13. Northern AB gal8/5/13, 2:04 PM

    ROFL, your blog posts just keep getting better by the day! I've stopped putting my jeans in the dryer and they still are getting tighter, explain that one:)

  14. Funny thing~my dryer does the same thing to my jeans! :-)
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  15. Omg, she's practically skin and bones! Poor thing! (Lucy, I'll wait for that check in the mail)