Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How green is my valley

It was mid-afternoon on Sunday. I had nothing better to do, so I went outside to hang with the herd and kick cactus.

Lucy tried to convince me it was time to remove her grazing muzzle, but I wasn't buying it.
She left in a huff in search of a patch of dirt to roll in.

Imagine that...having to look for a patch of dirt, out here in the land of brown.

Lucy's patch wasn't big enough for three,

so Alan stomped off to find a patch of his own.

I love it when he high-fives the sky.

I'm not sure what makes him happier - a good coating of dust to keep the bugs off...

...or a sky filled with the promise of rain that will keep the grass growing.


  1. I had a good laugh just now. My kids are used to looking at your pictures. The middle one said, "That's not her blog, she doesn't have green fields!" It must feel great to touch grass that is soft--even if it is only for a while.

  2. Your place certainly looks different all "greened" up! I am sure the Donks like green better than brown!

  3. Love the grass and those clouds! Beautiful!
    As long as it doesn't get too muddy to go to my fav'
    store :-)

  4. Michelle from BC8/6/13, 7:45 AM

    poor Lucy, I feel for you as I'm on a diet too.... and yes, I do leave in a huff when I can't have what I want to eat!

  5. It is so amazing to look at what a real monsoon season can produce. Green is a pretty color that we only experience infrequently, that's why we're dumbstruck by it. The river last week looked like it really had water from bank to bank instead of the sand bars in the middle.
    Love that they can't find a big enough dust bowl to wallow in together. Must be a sibling thing huh?????

  6. Love the last photo!! So glad to see you have so much green for a change. Enjoy it!!

  7. LOVE the photos of dark blue storm skies and green with the dirt patches in between....Love the herd as well...They always look like they are having fun and of course, you, and your comments...
    LOVE from NC

  8. what a sky! to kick cactus, great idea and expression! you are so creative! you can't ever be bored with yourself!

  9. Oh, I love your dark, stormy sky!~ We're heading over to Arizona for a few days. I'm hoping we get a thunderstorm or two or three...

  10. An American in Tokyo8/6/13, 6:09 PM

    I love that last picture! The sky with the clouds and all the green below! Woo hoo!

  11. I love that dark sky too! We had a grey sky today, but it is no competition for that humdinger of a sky you have. Glad for your green grass too, its pretty, as long as it never needs mowing.