Monday, July 29, 2013

Smooch and Johnny get a little closer

Johnny was just wrapping up his weather report when he realized he was being watched
and got a case of stagefright.

Smooch had never seen a cat do the weather before and was intrigued.

Johnny: You don't scare me, you know...ok, maybe just a little bit.

Johnny: I think we could be friends if you just wouldn't bark at me. I hate that noise.

Smooch: Sorry. It's my job to alert mom of trespassers.

Johnny: I am not a trespasser! I live here and don't you forget it!

Smooch: Don't you raise your hackles at me!

Johnny got his back up but backed off.

Smooch backed down and stopped barking. 

I'll score the encounter as one small step toward peace and harmony in my animal kingdom.

Johnny went to the local watering hole to celebrate.


  1. wow, good point for Johnny. in French I would say il a gagné un galon. meaning he is a little higher in the hierarchy. he is still very young and thin, but he now stands his ground better. Bravo Johnny!

  2. JCC: "Ha,ha,ha Smooch! I'm free and YOU'RE NOT!!!"

  3. Oh, I love Johnny! I'm glad he is venturing out and trying to make friends!

  4. Hey Carson, your cat is much too thin after being at your place this long!! What might be the problem? Parasites aren't problematic in NM, or so my vet said, but-----------. I know you're feeding him good! He's a lucky cat!

  5. Puddles! You have puddles!

    Hang in there JCC. It takes a while to train a dog. You'll have her wrapped around your paw after a while.

  6. Initial introductions are often a bit prickly. Once they know they're on the same team, I'm sure they'll get along famously.

  7. Johnny must be a very small boned boy, he is so slim. What is his secret?no one lives at your place and stays that slim.

  8. Michelle from BC7/29/13, 7:43 AM

    Johnny Cat is just slight not thin. One of my old cats was the same, always on the lighter side but ate like a horse. Vet said he was just fine. He lived for 16 years ... the cat not the Vet !!!

  9. Where is Smooch digging his way to?

    I am not sure I would be worried about JCC's body. But think he might go to a Vet for some blood work, just in case he has eaten something not so good for him.



  10. As to Mr. Johnny's sveltness. Our Sunny Bunny, who I am sure is distant relative has been lean and mean all his 15 1/2 years. And Sun's hasn't changed in all that time. Not like other cats that live here who more resemble me....that's why her nick name is Toad. but I digress.
    I'm glad that Johnny stood his hackled ground and that they are getting used to one another. Home home on the range, where Smooch and Johnny cat posture.

  11. Johnny is cute, sassing Smooch. He might be trying to work his way to the house. It seems that outside cats stay slimmer than inside cats, but it wouldn't hurt him to eat a little more.

  12. That was pretty much our new kitten's reaction to our dog when we first brought her home. Within 2 weeks they were side-by-side at the food and water bowls. (The cat drinks from the dog's water bowl while the dog is eating.) Granted, our dog is much less barky than Smooch, but it may be sooner than you think when they finally sign the treaty.

  13. I think some people are used to seeing pet cats who are a little on the heavy side not to mention obese. If you look at the big cats that live out in the wild, they are always lean. I am 100% sure that JCC is being fed exactly what he needs to be fed and that he is getting the appropriate vet attention. He gets a lot of exercise keeping the rodent population down and keeping things in the corral in order. He looks just perfect and perfectly handsome!

  14. Oh yes, there will be peace and harmony between these two; the beginning always takes the longest. As usual, great photo series and dialog!