Sunday, July 28, 2013

JohnnyCashCat, reporting for the Weather Channel

JCC: Wonder how much rain we got last night?

JCC: Hard to tell from this angle.

JCC: Looks like a bunch.

JCC: Mom, I could use some help here.

Me: Be right there. Don't drink all the evidence in the meantime.

Me: Eight tenths of an inch of rain and two drowned bees,
bringing the total for July so far to 3.86". 
We haven't kept track of the total number of drowned bees.


  1. It amazes me that with just 3.86" of rain how much the countryside turns green and starts to grow. I must remember it is the desert after all and the plants hang on despite the dry climate.
    Love Johnny CashCat.

    May more rain fall down upon you!

    Best always,

  2. OH NO, did i hear JCC call you MOMMY? does this mean he is no longer a feral kitty? just sayin... he is beautiful and smart, just like all your other sweeties

  3. I wish I had a barn. Then I could have a cat... and a weather station!

  4. SO glad you're getting some rain.

    Neat pics of JCC. He sure can stretch out!

  5. So now I'm smitten with a lean and strong, handsome weather reporter!
    Maybe he can put a twig in the measuring unit of bee doom. The bees could use it to climb out with ease, esp. if it's flat where it leans against the glass rim (to keep it from twirling around its own axis). (Remove before the reading.)

  6. Wow. You seriously ARE getting a lot of rain for your area. The pictures were so much greener than I am use to seeing. And love your weatherman. Maybe he has a secret rain dance he does at night when he's out and about? ;)

  7. JCC is one handsome boy and now he is "that close" to reading the rain gauge.

    Friends in Abbakerky tell me they had a wicked time with the rain.

    Is almost 4" of rain a record or close to it?


  8. Your little weather reporter is adorable, as always. So glad that he stuck around and made 7MSN his home! (I know you are, too.)

  9. Would sweet Johnny be thirsty? or just being curious. I have a ginger cat too and I think that they are far more curious than the other cats, in a participative sense. I also visited friends who had a big garden and their cats preferred to drink outside the rain water than from their own bowl

  10. That JCC is one determined cat! I'm sure he'll teach himself to read the rain gauge, and he might even get the dead bees out of there!

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. JCC is such a ginger smartie. Good looking Mark Ronchetti a run for his money that's for sure. Happy, happy, happy Sunday. Oma Linda

  12. He's sure a beauty. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for orange cats. We had one the kids called Tigger and he was the kind they could push around in a doll buggy. Total sweethearts and looks like Johnny is of the same type.

  13. I can see JCCat in rain boots easily, and a feathered hat! We have an orange cat too, he will only drink out of the bathroom sink. Well, also any unattended water glass. Thank you for the daily fix!

  14. I love an outside cat that wants to be right there with you. The fact that he is a weatherman makes him that much more special. We've had low humidity,highs in the 80's, and chilly mornings. Very unusual for the end of July. Glad for your rain.

  15. Congrats on the rain. And that is one tall orangie!