Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wynonna takes a shower

It's been kind of warm here lately. I haven't decided if I worry more about my animals in the extreme heat or the extreme cold. 
All I know is that when it hit 103 yesterday, I wanted to bring everybody into the air-conditioned house.

When it gets this hot, Wynonna tips over her water bowl hourly to make herself a mud puddle,
then she plops down in it to cool off.

Gone are the days when she would take a dip in her little swimming tub. With her advancing age, 
she is well aware of the fact that once she gets in, she may not be able to climb back out. 
Besides, the chickens drink out of it now and she doesn't want their cooties. 

Even a roll in the mud couldn't help her yesterday, and I couldn't bear to see her suffering. 
I had to provide her some relief from the heat.
In years past I've tried to play misty with her, but she wouldn't have it. 
She would scream and carry on as only a pig can whenever I turned the hose on her.

Apparently 103 degrees is the tipping point at which she will stop screaming to relax and enjoy it.

Wynonna: Stop laughing. I just washed my hair and can't do a thing with it.


  1. Hope Johnny Cash Cat has plenty of cool water and isn't too hot in his abode during the day.

  2. maybe consider getting a fan or a mister for the barn? Your critters have to be quite warm.

  3. It was hot and humid! here yesterday but not 103F.
    Wynonna is lucky to have you. She's a beauty.
    Do you have a fan in the barn?

  4. I boarded my horse, Sunni, down here in the desert one summer. (Only one summer...) The ranch owners used to hose off each horse every afternoon! They would each, in turn, turn their butts to the water. Now, at least, they are all up in our local mountains where it is MUCH cooler! It's been 106/107 every day here early summer.

  5. I have never experienced that heat. Can't even imagine. It rained here all day yesterday and all i could think was send this crappy rain to 7MSN!

  6. you r lovely dear ;-) Pack up the crew in the truck and head north to Alberta in Canada. We are wearing sweaters this week ;-(

  7. Ha hah, love her face...especially in that last one. She is beautiful.
    Damn 103?! Too hot for me

  8. Is it too hot for fans to HELL?

  9. Poor Wynonna. There is just no relief from that kind of hot! I'm sure she was happy to get the shower and cool off some.

  10. I worry way more in the heat than the cold. Glad she came around to the sprinkler idea :-).

  11. Omigosh...Wynona is a real HAM. :-)

  12. Northern AB gal6/12/13, 11:53 AM

    I will stop complaining about our weather now :) I could NOT live in 103 degree temps! Is your water supply ok or at some point do you have to start worrying about that as well?

  13. I'm hoping for a 'Splish splash I an taking a bath' - video tomorrow. You MUST have taken more than one picture...?
    Els from Amsterdam

  14. aww poor girl, she is lucky to have her own personal assistant to shower her though :)

  15. Oh, Wynonna honey. I'm glad you decided to enjoy a refreshing shower. Don't you worry, everyone's hair goes frizzy in the humidity. *air kisses*

  16. You are a very good critter mom to do such things for their hot weather comfort!

    Jo in MN, where so far its 50ish at night and 70s in the daytime. Two of my favorite temps!