Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Celebrating the arrival of monsoon season 2012

The post below is from July 8, 2012. The summer monsoons had finally arrived and all was right with the world. 
It's so stinkin' dry and hot here now that I don't know if the monsoon season will arrive at all this year,
so I'm reposting this for the thrill of seeing mud again, if only vicariously.


The summer monsoon season arrived at the 7MSN late Thursday afternoon. Of course it did. 
Because I wasn't stressed enough about Friday morning's trip to the vet, Mother Nature added 11.4 miles 
of tire-sucking mud to my worries. I hate it when she messes with me like that.

Anyway, after being blessed with seven tenths of an inch of rain,
Lucy and the boys emerged from the barn for a whopper of a celebration. 
They all marched into the corral and began to eat the mud. 

I have no idea why. Perhaps it was the novelty of it all.

Or maybe they're just weird.

Lucy: Stop mugging for the camera. It's my turn.

Lucy: I'm so happy it rained, I could just scream!

Hank: It makes me want to kick up my heels and scare the crap out of mom.

Hank: Out of my way, boys. Party in the pasture!

Watching Hank race across the mud through the viewfinder seems less real than watching him in person 
and lessens the severity of my heart attacks.

Lucy: This stuff is slicker than snot. I think I'll just walk.


  1. I send you huge rainy wishes, dark skies, big clouds full of water

  2. fingers crossed...eyes too. Come on rain, Oma Linda

  3. I had forgotten what it looks like there with mud.I hope rain comes soon.

  4. It's too darn hot to even rain here...sigh...

  5. Here's hoping that they may be this happy about rain again SOON!