Friday, June 28, 2013

Again with the baby bird

I had just served Wynonna her dinner on the front porch when something small and gray 
caught my attention over in the corner.

At least it wasn't a mouse. Another swallow had fallen – or been pushed – out of her nest. 
I knew I'd better put her back before Wynonna, or the chickens, or Johnny ate her for dessert.
Who knew a front porch could be such dangerous territory for a baby bird?

Me: Sorry, but I don't have any bugs to spit in your mouth. 
Had I known you were coming down for dinner, I would have been more prepared.

BabyBird: No worries. I'm sure my mom will be along in a minute.

My first attempt to return BabyBird to her nest failed because I couldn't reach it.
I had to go get the step stool but I didn't want to carry BabyBird that far, so I placed her in Wynonna's feed cup
and covered her with Johnny's can of cat food. Saving baby birds is a group effort around here.

BabyBird was so small that I wasn't sure she would make it, but we had to try. 

Me: Move over, you hungry beasts. Make room for your sister.

Wynonna: I hope you plan on serving me something else for dessert.
A slice of watermelon perhaps? Seedless, please.


  1. A mother sure couldn't miss that colorful mouth! You're a good neighbor.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Wynonna knows what is good! that nest looks overcrowded!

  3. The funniest part is that you are saving the little baby...all the while having your camera in the other hand!

  4. maybe a small net scooper like something used for fish tanks would work for the return trip to the nest...they're a little flatter and might squeeze in there better. Just a thought. I've seen a lot of those nests and they're very compact. Good luck to the baby.

  5. Now you have me worried.
    I have a nest on my back porch with a Mom who is sitting.
    I have cats and this won't be fun.

  6. Oh my! What an enormous mouth she has! The bird, I mean, not Wynonna. *grin*

  7. I love the disproportionate size of baby bird's mouth to head - not to mention the mohawk hairdo!

  8. Love the close ups of the baby bird. You're a good woman. One more thing for you to do. Check on the birds. Now I want watermelon.

  9. When are you serving the watermelon? It's so dang hot here that I'll be over!
    Cheryl Ann in Palm Desert, where is it currently 110 on our front porch!

  10. you have a good heart. sweet post. :)