Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No calamities with Jane

Awhile back I threatened that my next houseguest had best bring hiking boots 
so that we could explore this mysterious cross at the top of the cliff.

As luck would have it, my recent houseguests read this blog and remembered their boots.

Good thing, too, because it was a very steep and rocky climb.

Reaching the top of the cliff was something of a religious experience in and of itself.
There were no signs or other clues to explain the origins of the cross, so the mystery lives on.

I'm not sure what Danni was photographing here, but if she pointed her lens far off into the distance,
she might have been able to see the roof of my house. Or not.

Danni and JaneK took turns trying to give me a heart attack.

I kept telling them that we were s.o.l. if somebody got hurt, but did they listen to me? No. 

Their sense of adventure paid off, though, because we discovered a petroglyph mural I had not stumbled across previously.

I love touring my neighborhood with people who get as excited as I do about packrat-poop-filled caves.

And anybody who gets this excited about finding cow bones is welcome back any time.


  1. Oh what great adventures and not far from home either.
    It looks like your two visitors enjoyed their getaway tremendously. How could you not? The sky was perfect.

    Best always,

  2. Wow, that looks like it was a fun day! How long of a hike/climb is it? If those cow bones were taken back home it must have been interesting at security at the airport! HA!

  3. I think my heart stopped when I saw ledge pic's....
    What a fun day, that I'm sure deserved some much appreciated spirits! Yumm

  4. HHHummmmm! Why did the cow climb the hill eh? ;-p

  5. the only comment i have today is i am sooooo jealous... and now i am trying to picture whomever put the cross there getting it up there, maybe hanging from their back? a bucket crane? great shots all of these.

  6. It was indeed amazing! It brought good memories from the camp of my childhood that had a similar cross and gave me new memories to keep me smiling! Carson is an amazing adventure guide and kept us out of calamity although Danni and I did our best to get in trouble :-)
    Pat, the bones stayed there to add to Carson's collection for her bone-art. I did think about what would happen with security if I did take them!

  7. Great photos.
    As I was reading the story and enjoying the photos I found myself missing the close friendships with other women I used to have. Not that they aren't still my friends, just that I live 3 states away now, and although we talk, we do not get to "do".
    I am looking forward to moving back home, where I can spend some quality chick time again.

  8. so if Athos, Porthos and Aramis are the original three Muskateers, does that make Jane, Dartanian?
    It is so fun to see what kind of mischief and adventures you and your friends can find to get into.
    Great climb, great scenery, great oogly moogly's they are daredevils. Now are those petroglyphs by the same natives as 3 Rivers??? Mogollan? They are wonderful. I know too many questions.
    Oma Linda

  9. Beautiful rocks and views. No snakes??

  10. Well, I'm glad to see no one forgot their lipstick. *grin*

  11. It would be interesting to know the story behind the cross. Hope ya'll didn't stir up any spirits. Beautiful views.

  12. In the third picture from the bottom, your friend's elbow is just above a figure that COULD be Wynonna from the back. Hmmm.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  13. The petroglyphs and cave are so stinkin' cool!