Sunday, May 19, 2013

George thinks I worry too much

I took these pictures Thursday evening. Lucy and the boys were hanging out on the back 40, waiting for the grass to grow.

From a distance, everyone looks healthy and relaxed.

Upon closer inspection, we can see that there is trouble in paradise.
Hank, aka Lumpy, is covered in hives.

The bumps showed up on Wednesday. At the time, there were more on Hank's left side than his right, there were some on his face, and there were none on his legs. He was acting perfectly normal, but I called our vet right away because that's just how I am. The vet said there was an outside chance that the hives were a reaction to vaccinations he had received a few weeks prior, but there was a greater likelihood that they were an allergic reaction to something with which he had come in contact. I came up with a short list of possibilities: barn-cat hair/dander that got on the hay he eats; juniper trees (Hank loves to rub against them); something in the pasture that he normally wouldn't eat but is eating now because it hasn't rained in for-freakin' ever and there isn't any fresh grass. Whatever the cause, our vet thought a low weekly dose of the steroid dexamethasone would make them go away. I would go to town on Friday to pick up the pills and we'd all live happily ever after. All I had to do was get through the next 48 hours without worrying myself to death ... 
because that's just how I am when one of my animals is not quite right.

Lucy and George did not share my angst.

George: You worry too much. Hank will be fine. Roll around in the dirt. You'll feel much better.

George: This time tomorrow, I'll be saying "I told you so." You know I'm right. 
Now just relax and take a picture of my cute self.

Sure enough, as I write this post on Saturday night, after one dose of dex, Hank's hives have disappeared. 
He will get four more weekly doses to make sure they don't come back, 
and I've got extra pills on hand just in case this is a seasonal allergy

George: I told you so.


  1. One of my boarders uses a product called "Histall" for her mare's bug sensitivity--basically a antihistamine, for animals. One dose usually does the trick for random "bumps." It was hard to find for a while last year, so another option is "Anihist" , though not quite as good.
    Good luck!

  2. Does it feel OK taking advice from a Donk? Not sure that would be OK with me!

    Glad Hank is doing OK now, though!


    Stella, Jo, and Zkhat

  3. I found a great solution to my cat's allergy (apparently from his own special food and taking daily antihistaminic for 2 years now) : I rub ice on his fur where he is itching and burning: PARADISE

  4. George is a wise donkey indeed

  5. So glad George is right :-)

    Love the new banner pic of the country cats!

  6. One of my daughter's horses did this. They never figured out why and she was fine in a few days. George was right.

  7. I'm the same way, I worry about everything.
    Luckily I work for a vet.
    I'm so glad the hives went away.

  8. Oh poor Hank, looks bad but so glad the med's are working.
    I will do a rain dance for you guys, I just have to find my feathers first....

  9. George can be wise sometimes. Glad Hank is all better.

  10. My gelding had bumps like those...we figured it was a reaction to an insect bite. They disappeared after 3 days.

  11. so happy it worked. that dead donkey routine is so cute.