Monday, April 22, 2013

The spring cleaning ain't over 'til the dog gets washed

My house is so clean, it squeaks. Two weekends of spring cleaning and the finish line
was finally in sight late Sunday afternoon. There was only one thing left to scrub: Smooch.

First we had to furminate.

Smooch: That thing works pretty good.

Much to my delight, Smooch is a seasonal shedder, unlike my beloved yellow labs who shedded non-stop year-round.
However, when Smooch does shed, she doesn't hold back.

I'm sharing this picture for the sole purpose of showing off my sparkling clean windows.
Someone besides me has to see them before the next dust storm tomorrow when they're all dirty again.

Washing windows out here is almost as pointless as washing the truck or the dog,
but I do it at least once a year regardless, for blog fodder if nothing else.

Who knew the light in the shower could be so nice? 
Smooch, we might have to do photo shoots in here more often.

Smooch: Please tell me you're not serious.

I dried Smooch as best I could with a towel, hoping she wouldn't do the whole shake-rattle-and-roll thing. 

I can be so naive sometimes.

Smooch: How much trouble am I in?

Me: I needed to wash that quilt anyway.


  1. Same scene here when Wally gets his bath, and I guess it will never change! I have tried tons of towels to dry him and my hair dryer, although all he does is snap and growl at it while I chase him around the bathroom. The bed/quilt are his preference for drying off.

    Love the bed you have. It's really neat!

  2. i like the photo's taken in the shower.. beautiful damp face and the light was perfect. baby drys herself off by rubbing on the leather sofa... jake like to dry off on daddy's shirt, while daddy is in it.

  3. Revenge for giving Miss Smooch a bath eh ;-)

  4. Dogs are so cute and frisky after a bath. You gotta love 'em.
    Good job on the Spring cleaning! The windows look great.

  5. Awwwww.... Love me some Smooch! I bet she smells good and is super soft!

  6. I love the furminator.
    I have a rough collie and a golden retreiver and I get bags of fur.
    Usually though, I take them into a place for someone else to do the baths .. the shaking part is the worst.

    How are the cats doing ?

  7. Smooch looks gorgeous as usual. And I bet she smells like a little girl now, even though it looks like she's trying to get that smell off on the quilt.

  8. BRavo for the shining windows! I love the pix where Smooch says how much trouble am I in! she is real fun, you'll never be bored.

  9. Beautiful photo of Smooch in the shower. And of the clean windows, of course. :)

  10. Great bed! So you... I like the dusty Smooch better :-)

  11. Just a bit of color on those toenails and she's good to go! She is so cooperative,, or is that the editing....

  12. Smooch is so adorable, especially in the pics of her in the tub :)

  13. Smooch IS adorable! Love the shot of her eyes looking back at you! :-)
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~