Sunday, April 21, 2013

All ears

I made my weekly trip to town yesterday, for provisions and a haircut. It was uneventful, until the drive home. I turned off the highway onto the 11.4 mile dirt road to the ranch. About three miles in, I made the 90 degree turn, went down the hill into the arroyo, and hit the brakes. There was a vehicle flipped on its side, perpendicular to the road and blocking it completely. I jumped out of my truck, jumped back in to grab my phone, jumped back out and ran to the vehicle, thinking for sure this was gonna be ugly. Then I heard a man's voice and saw him walking toward me on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Me: Are you ok??
Him: Yeah. I was driving too fast and flipped it.
Me: You sure did.

I looked at the man, I looked at the vehicle (it was a small Kia SUV), I looked at all the stuff strewn across the road that had fallen out of the vehicle, and I started having a not very good feeling about the situation.

Me: How long ago did it happen?
Him: About 30 minutes.
Me: Do you have a cell phone? Have you called someone?
Him: Well, I'm not really sure where I am.
Me: Hmm. 

This is when what was left of the hair on the back of my neck started to stand up.

I told him where he was and that I had the phone number for a tow truck company in my truck and I'd be happy to get it for him. I was fairly certain by now that alcohol may have been a contributing factor to the wreck.

While I was retrieving the phone number, the man asked me if I had a tow hitch on my truck and could I help him upright his vehicle. I politely told him I did but that I didn't know the first thing about uprighting vehicles on a steep hill in an arroyo on a one-lane dirt road with steep banks and no place to turn around ... with a drunken stranger as my only help. (I didn't say that last part out loud.) My good samaritanism has a limit.

I waited until I was sure he had cell service and could call the tow truck company, then headed back out to the highway, not feeling too guilty about doing more to help. It would have been one thing if he'd been hurt, but he wasn't. He was just a knucklehead.

When I finally got hime, I went right to the barn to tell Lucy and the boys the story of my trip home. They were all ears.

Hank: She thinks we're listening to her ramble on but we're really just staring at her new haircut.
Alan: Isn't it a little short?
George: Maybe you should put a hat on.
Lucy: Give it a couple of weeks. It'll grow back.


  1. you did a great job, we have to be very careful these days and some one drunk enough to flip his car there is not telling what he would do. he probably did not call for help because he would get arrested or a ticket. love all the EARS

  2. what an adventure! you did well. and what a beautiful picture of the four of them listening, isn't it the 1st time you manage such a regrouping? as for the ahir cut, I am sure it looks sharp and fresh, and makes you look younger. have a great day.

  3. Thank goodness your city girl kicked in. There is helping and then there is putting one's self in harm's way. We want to keep you safe and sound! By the way, short is IN!!

  4. Don't listen to the "Ears". It's probably a wonderful, comfortable, easy haircut.

    You make me smile every single morning, you and your herd. Thanks!

  5. Ew. That situation sounds just a little creepy. You handled it perfectly.

    The hair...?

  6. You DO carry a gun in your truck don't you!!!

  7. I want to cut my hair short but I'm worried I'll be stared at by donkeys.

    Glad you are safe. Hopefully he got his act together, thank goodness no one else got hurt.

  8. So glad you were there to help. Those last lines made me spit out my coffee.. what a riot!

  9. Sounds like a very cweepy deal to me and I am glad everything worked out OK. I am personally very leery about guns, I have never had one and further can always see someone getting it away from me easily. Just take care of yourself. Carry a Smooch with you at all times!

    Jo in MN

  10. Is that the first time you've run into trouble out there in the wilds of Mexico ?

  11. I think you handled the situation very well. I think I would have had 911 pre-dialed before I left the truck--in the event of injuries OR weird strangers.
    I find myself wondering what in the world he was doing, drunk, 3 miles south of nowhere... It's probably good that you had to go back to the highway and go in the other route--he didn't have a chance to see where YOU were going. Having Smooch at home is probably a good deterrent for random strangers that wander your way (do you get those?), but now I'm a bit worried about ya, out there all by yourself.

  12. How creepy! The more I think about it, the creepier it seems.
    What? No pictures of the hair cut?!

  13. Seems strange that he was riding around drunk in the middle of nowhere. Glad you made it home to get the herd's reaction to the haircut. I bet it isn't shorter than mine.

  14. Wow, that was a tricky situation alright. He really was a knucklehead. The only way anyone would go 3 miles on your road is cuz 1. they live out there or know someone who does or 2. they've had a few too many. No mistaking the middle of nowhere for somewhere. So glad you're cautious and are okay.
    Hey, you don't make fun of the herd when they have shaggy winter hanging off them.....bad ears, bad ears. I bet your haircut is great. Oma Linda

  15. I agree with Jo, you should carry a Smooch with you at all times. That was scary! Wonder what the guy's reaction would have been if you told him he was seven miles south of nowhere...

  16. Jo brought up a good question - was Smooch with you? Tell those long-eared kids that your well-being is more important than your haircut!!! You did well to help as much as you did, considering the situation.

    Nancy in Iowa

  17. Well they do look like they're trying to keep their eyes are one smart, savvy woman!

  18. Oh man have i experienced that! You have a scary and nerve wracking story to tell and what are they interested in??? screw the story, what in heaven's name are you wearing??? and you went out like that? EXCUSE ME but that's NOT THE POINT. donkeys and family can be like that...*sigh*

  19. Part of me says you should take your trusty Smooch with you wherever you go...just for this type of creepy situation. Part of me says Smooch needs to stay home and guard the ranch. Maybe you need another Smooch! (You could also carry a gun)
    I think I would love your hair...mine is short too these days. It's totally wash and wear. :)

  20. Sounds like you handled that situation the right way! When do we get to see the haircut? And, how are the barn cats doing? We seem to have a CRITTER in our house and I will probably have to get a female outdoor cat soon...

  21. such stupid people driving on a dirt road and going too fast. like you say, two weeks & you won't know you had a hair cut. learn to use and carry a gun if you haven't already especially in the wilderness of New Mexico.

  22. Good move on your part to leave him there.

  23. My brother, the cop, has coached me many times to pay attention to my 'spider senses' - that feeling on the back of your neck that you mention. I'm glad it all worked out well, in the end and your herd was sympathic. Or sarcastic, I'm not sure which.

  24. Gah!!! It's stories like these that make the hair stand up on the back of *my* neck. So glad you're ok. And, if you ask me (which i know you did not), I think you did everything just right.
    Yes, please show us the new 'do! :-)