Thursday, March 28, 2013

Watermelon and Wheat Thins

Meeting blog buddies in person is always a special treat, no matter how you slice it.

Yesterday, Cyndi – from the Living a Dream blog – and her husband were in the neighborhood 
as they journeyed home to Colorado in their RV, and they stopped by for a visit.

A long-time reader of this blog, Cyndi knows my herd very well,
so she brought along a lucious seedless watermelon to share.

Lucy wasn't in the mood for sharing ... 

...and wanted it all to herself. What a surprise.

Cyndi heard a rumor that donkeys were also partial to Wheat Thins and brought a box of those, too.

The rumor proved to be true.


  1. Since we always see the herd with each other, I often forget just how BIG they are! What fun to have people drop by!

  2. I love that picture of Lucy with her "I'm not sharing face." I need to hang that photo up in my office since I frequently feel that way :p

  3. Ah how envious I am that Cyndi was able to meet the herd in person, oh also Carson and the rest. I've added it to my bucket list. could be years to full fill, but something to aim toward.

  4. Estella from Co.3/28/13, 7:07 AM

    Lucy just doesn't like to share, does the faces she makes. Wheat thins hummmmm Hugs

  5. WOW!! I am jelous eh!! I LUV Cyndi's shirt, very cute. BUT BUT Ms Lucy, that picture of her should be printed and titled "I am NOT amused" ;p

  6. congrats to Cyndi and the herd....what a fun time for all. How lovely that you got to meet another bloggie buddy. Life is filled with fun happenings at 7MSN. Oma Linda

  7. I LOVE Lucy's face and just want to pet her. She shows the true gentleness in donkeys and is a beautiful poster girl.

  8. Okay so I follow living a dream but didn't realize that her name was Cyndi.
    Now I know that not only do we share the same name. We share the same love for wickedly cool hats that must color co-ordinate with our shirts. I have a hat very similar to hers and spent 2 whole days shopping trying to find a shirt-cami combo that matched!

    What fun!

  9. Someone was out your way. How cool is that ...

    I so enjoy hearing about your gang and what's new at your place. I too think that I know them .. just a bit.

    To meet them and feed them .. a dream for sure. Then, I'd sit in that new sunroom with Smooch and enjoy the view.

  10. Looks like Lucy's not sharing the blog, either! Even Hank had to step back.

  11. Oh, what a blast! Everyone likes company that brings yummy goodies. It looks like Lucy made a new friend.

  12. How nice that Cyndi and her husband could stop and visit. Lucy sure knows how to draw attention to herself! Smart girl.I used to spend time around a donkey named Jake who loved Fritos and Mountain Dew.

  13. Thought you might enjoy this

    Love your herd!


  14. What a surprise! So much fun for both of you and I was surprised and happy to see her pictures. It's awesome when we get to meet blog friends :)

  15. Hunh. My friend's llamas love Wheat Thins also. Wonder if the Wheat Thins folks know they should advertise in feed magazines?
    Lucy's lower lip looks like my niece's on a bad day.
    Love Cindi's color coordinated hat and shirt. Such a smart watermelon feeding outfit!

  16. to me it looks like Lucy is interested by the food but also by Cindy. It looks as if she wants to say something special to her in the last picture, not just take the food.

  17. To all who mentioned envy... I don't blame you! Any time Carson puts of pictures of people with her critters, I want to be there, too! I was so lucky to be in the neighborhood.... well, in the general area!
    As for the hat and shirt - wow! I didn't realize how well they went together and that my 'Donkey Feeding Outfit' would be such a hit! The shirt was great as it hid some watermelon slobber.. er, juice!
    I am so happy that Mr. Dreamy & I could visit, and so appreciate Carson's ability to go with the flow and let us come on such short notice (less than 24 hours).
    I will be putting a post up from my side of the lens soon.