Friday, March 29, 2013

The long and short of it

George: I feel sorry for the big guy.

George: How does he even hear out of those things?

George's concern over Hank's ears got me wondering. 
I hauled out the tape measure for an accurate evaluation of their auditory assets.
The difference between the long ears and the short ears was impressive.
Even more impressive were Lucy's measurements – her ears are 14" long!
No wonder she deems herself superior to all.

Hank: Lest you not forget that one bite and that ear could be gone.

George: I am not worthy.

Hank: Get over it. You know I'd never hurt you.

George: In that case, let me turn around so you can scratch my butt.


  1. laughing now and that is some LONG ears. wow at 11 and double wow a 14.must be a reason they have long and short... maybe google will tell me

  2. It doesn't look like Hank moved or blinked. George just knows. Lucy may have the longest ears but George has the best decorated.

  3. Ha ha George...typical guy, scratch my butt. Yay Lucy, she wins!
    I love the feel of those velvety ears long or short...

  4. It's all between the ears. Size doesn't matter really.....tee hee

  5. LOL those remarks you made about George and Hank made me laughing and thinking about you all from time to time...Take care, Linda and all!

  6. i love Hank's eyes with those beautiful eyelashes.... they are so peaceful and wise....

  7. Donkey ear span --Put ears out to sides so you can measure straight across from tip to tip.

  8. Hmmm, so even equine boys worry about size? Of ears, that is.

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. I love the donkey thinking there:

    Hank is not gonna kill him or eat his ears, so just scratch his rear then please!