Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Alan, George and Lucy share a bath

Before we get to today's encore, I'm pleased to announce that Janet is the winner in the best caption contest. 
Her clever, one-line question out of Alan's mouth – "Should we tell her she's adopted?" – garnered 44% of the 362 votes cast. 
Honorable mention goes to Ethel and Beverly. Thanks for participating, everyone! 
Janet, please send your snail mail address to the7msn at gmail dot com so I can ship off your prize.


I will preface this post by reminding you that donkeys prefer to take their baths in dirt instead of water. 
I know, I know. To you and me, it seems ass-inine, but it's a donkey thing.

Dirt baths are a daily after-supper ritual at the 7MSN.
Last night, Alan jumped out of the tub as soon as Lucy jumped in.

Alan: This tub isn't big enough for all of us. I'm outta here.

George: Let me just soak here a minute.

George: Ahhh...nothing like warm dirt to soothe all that ails me.

George: Brrr...I hate getting out of the tub. Hand me my towel, please.

George: Blchh...I'm not going anywhere until I brush my teeth.

George: Alrighty then, I'm ready for the weekend. Where's the party?


  1. Your pictures make it look so real that I sneezed! It looks like the area is a special dirt spot. DO they always take their bath right there?

  2. george makes me laugh louder and harder than bob hope ever did... great post, i love the one where he is 'soaking' you guys are just to funny for words.

  3. A donkey version of a hot tub party eh ;-)

  4. Congrats to Janet for the very funny line.
    I absolutely love to watch a good old dirt bath. They always seem to enjoy it so much and some even smile bigger like gorgeous George and his expressive lips and nose. Always a hoot here. Happy Weekend, Oma Linda

  5. Thank You everyone who voted for my caption!

  6. There's something about an upside down donkey that makes me laugh. They make the bath look so good.
    Congratulations to Janet.

  7. Awww, that's one of the cutest posts I've ever seen!