Friday, March 15, 2013

Let's play funny face

It was Sunday afternoon, a not-very-nice time weatherwise. We were hanging out near the tree cave,
twiddling our ears and trying to think of something to do.

Me: I know. Let's play funny face!

George: How's this?

Me: Dirty yes, funny no.

George: You're so hard to please.

Alan: Look at me! Look at me!

Alan: How do you like me now?

Alan: Do I win? Do I win?

Me: Yes, Alan, I think you win.

Me: But Lucy isn't about to let you claim your prize.


When I wrote this post Thursday night, the contest for best captions was too close to call.
I'll leave the poll open until 7 p.m. Friday, Mountain Daylight Time, and announce the winner Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out Oma Linda's blog today. She's hosting
an altered Wizard of Oz blog hop, and rumor has it many of your long-eared friends have starring roles.


  1. Alan makes funniest faces of them all. AND he's soooo cute too!

  2. they're all cute and you're so lucky. George, how delicate, made himself a moustache, so fashionable these days. What about Hank? not playing funny faces? would they make a funny face together the three (or four) of them, like a funny concert?

  3. Looks like Lucy didn't like being the butt of the jokes the other day. Cute faces.

  4. The floor! I wanna see the floor! Do we need margaritas? ('cause out of SHEER solidarity I'd have one too of course...)

  5. Oh the faces they made....makes me wanna smooch um.
    I sure hope your fans like the pix of the funny faces as the Ozonian quartet. Thanks for the traffic. You're a goodie and I appreciate you so much. Oma Linda

  6. I tried to follow the link to Oma Linda's page, but blogger said I don't have access! I'm sure Lucy received a bouquet of juniper for her role!!

    Love the funny faces.

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. i never come here without smiling.. did a lot of it today...

  8. Oh Alan, you just slay me!

    (I had the same issue on the link to Oma Linda's page so I just followed the trail from her link above on her comment.)

  9. What a bunch of cuties!!!

    I think you would like the farm down the street. Last night when I drove by, there was a HUGE belgian in the doorway, and beside him was a mini donk sporting a cute winter blanket....with a bunch of horses standing around outside around them. You know who rules that roost and who the sidekick is :)