Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Repurposing the desk chair

Last fall, I bought an exercise ball, thinking if I used it as a desk chair, my posture would improve and
I'd burn a few calories while I sat on it all day. Smooch was skeptical from the get-go, and I had my doubts as well.
Sitting on the ball turned out to be more work than working, and who needs that?

Famous last words from my original post about the subject: 
It remains to be seen whether I will have the discipline to stick with it. If it works out, great. 
If it doesn't, I have two buddies who I know would love to try it.

George: Whoa! Those chickens really are out of control.

As soon as I walked outside with the former desk chair big blue ball, the wind picked it up and I had to chase it.
Hmmm. Maybe I would get some exercise from this thing after all.
The boys showed a high degree of interest. Lucy hid in the corner.

Then I moved the big blue ball to their side of the fence. Their interest turned to skepticism.

When the big blue ball blew beneath the burro,
their skepticism turned to get-this-thing-away-from-me-I-want-no-part-of-it.

Then the wind picked it up again, and I had to chase it again, 
and this photo shoot was turning into as much work as sitting on an exercise ball all day.

Hank: How can I investigate the ball if you're sitting on it, mom?
Me: Good question. I'm not going to get any blog fodder if I sit on it either...

All exercise balls should come with a feed tub wind containment container.

Hank: Tastes like blueberries, with just a hint of grape.


  1. Do you remember a 60's TV show called The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan? Your 6th photo where the ball is in the air immediately brought that show to my mind!

  2. Estella from Co.3/5/13, 5:43 AM

    HAHAHAHHA How funny...Well, this started my day off with a smile and giggle. Thought about getting one of those balls for the same reason, but changed my mind THANK YOU. Hugs

  3. you have a talent for taking the mundane and making it the best of stories... love the ball episode

  4. Very cute eh!! Um,,,,I can sit most of the day infront of the computer (working of course) while sitting on a yoga ball and I will not have a sore body like I would sitting on a chair.

  5. I love the fact you found a use for the infamous desk chair. I betcha the skepticsm will soon change to game of burro "something" in a short time. Gosh Hank is such a sweetheart....so adorable

  6. Ha ha, I like that you had to chase after it !
    Enjoy your warmer weather today!

  7. After frantic calls to the vet, and patient waiting for the bits and pieces of the ball to pass Hank said, "but Ma, you put it in my feed tub. I thought it was food. It was a little chewy, though."
    (I actually think that he is smarter than that, as are the burros. But I couldn't resist.)

  8. Carol in N. Colorado3/5/13, 8:55 AM

    I am sitting here chuckling over the imagine of Hank, Alan or George trying to sit on big blue ball. I glad the ball isn't bigger as I could see the ball encasing one of them (The Prisoner as Taryn referenced). I glad I wasn't drinking my coffee when I opened the blog or my desk and laptop would be wearing most of it.

  9. If you can figure out a way to partially fill the ball with water, maybe the guys (and gal) would like it better. That way it wouldn't make sudden moves with the wind.

  10. There is a cool frame that makes the yoga ball desk chair idea work.

    I use mine at my jewelry desk and it has eliminated back and neck strain, as well as strengthening my core... more the former than the latter. ;D

  11. I'm sure the flying blue ball was mind boggling. Maybe they'll warm up to it. Fun to see their self preserving behaviors.
    I feel like my core has shifted south over the winter.

  12. I have a feeling George & Alan will be up to their usual hijinx with the blue ball in no time at all. Much better use for it.

  13. Looks like the blue ball was a "sounds like a good idea at the time". I'm sure if I had one I'd be on the floor more than on the ball.

    Guess the gang will have a great time playing soccer this spring. Hank is adorable as usual.

  14. Hahahahahahahahaha...tears streaming down my face. thanks, i needed that!

  15. hehe

    I SO want one of these for my guys but I feel as though it would end up on the highway behind my house and kill someone!