Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ranch Security finds a prowler in my office


Smooch: There's something in your office that doesn't belong there. Get out now while you can.

Me: Relax, Smooch. It's my new desk chair. Get used to it.

Smooch: It's an alien. I'm sure of it.

Me: I hate to burst your bubble, Smooch, but it's just a great big ball. 

Me: It won't hurt you. I promise.

Smooch: Can I taste it?
Me: No.

Since I sit slouch at my desk all day long and then some, I decided to try sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair, 
thinking it might improve my posture and core strength and/or make me feel less like a slug. Two days into this experiment, 
I'm pretty sure I will be a better person because of it, though Smooch might become more neurotic. 

Sitting on this thing is work! I'm trying to use it a little longer each day. It remains to be seen whether I will have the discipline 
to stick with it. If it works out, great. If it doesn't, I have two buddies who I know would love to try it.


  1. So if you miss a day of blogging we should send a posse out to see if you fell off your ball? ;)

  2. That ball looks kindda tall...and since you're kindda short, maybe you should wear a helmet while sitting on it, just til you get your balance situated...don't want you falling off and hurting your noggin.

  3. I have been using a yoga ball at the computer for 2 years now. No slouchy back or curving shoulders on me eh!! I tried the yoga ball out as I have arthritis in my knee's which throw my walking off balance and affect the small of my lower back. This was the best money I ever spent!!!
    P.S. Just yesterday I saw the orthopedic surgeon who asked me to choose which knee I wanted to be replaced first...woohoo!!! Hopefully this time next year I will be able to take a nice walk in the park with my dog.

  4. Loving the action barking shot!

    There are cool little rolling chair frames that the exercise balls fit in too - still have to use your core to stay upright, good for the back and handier to skootch on. I use mine at my jewelry bench. It's been a lifesaver. :)

  5. Check out the little cradles that they make for them for office work. They have a little back to them plus they are on wheels so you don't have to get off the ball and roll it when you want to move a little. Good luck with it. I need one badly for my work!

  6. Our "office chairs" have to be stored out of reach of our four footed and two footed friends. Somehow, they end up with a hole in them every now and then...

  7. What a good watchdog Smooch is! I LOVE your beautiful desk! :)

  8. What a cute reaction from Smooch. When I saw the last picture, I thought....I know who'd like to play with that. I'm kind of hoping you get tired of it.

  9. She's such a good helper! That is probably an alien egg that will hatch at any moment and eat you. Then she'll be stuck in the house with the darned cats with no way to get out.

  10. Carol in N. Colorado10/10/12, 8:56 AM

    I just had an image pop into my head. Once Smooch gets used to the ball, I can see her trying to balance on top of it! We have one of the balls for my granddaughter to strength her core and posture for better riding on the horses. It has helped her.

  11. You can sing these two lines to the Mighty Mouse tune:

    Heere she comes to save the day!

    Mighty Smooch is on the waaaay!

    She will ever be in doubt of the value of your ball, but I hope it helps you!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  12. My daughter has a "big blue ball" and it really is work trying to keep your "seat" on that thing. I hope you can keep it up. If so, it will really be a good thing, as Martha Stewart says or used to say.

  13. Sandy from Edgewood, NM10/10/12, 9:09 PM

    I have one in my office also... it has a base with a small back and rolls around. I can only take a few hours for a few days, then I'm back to my regular chair... but with the hourse I put in at the computer, I think it does help some! Smooch will play with it soon! When the boys see it... WATCH OUT!!!!

  14. This PT says that is a good thing... Keep it up! Look into the frame the others have mentioned. Will still help posture but maybe will get a little less fatigued....

  15. I love the expressions on Smooch! I've often thought about a big ball too as I will sit up straight and in a while realize I have curled over like a pickle. The fact that you can get a base that rolls is even more intriguing.