Thursday, February 21, 2013

More adventures with Honey Bunny

Me: Honey Bunny! So good to see you this fine morning. Whatcha doing?
HB: Hiding from that damned dog. Does she have to bark every stinkin' time she sees me?

Me: Yes.

Me: I'd be more concerned with that burro over there if I were you. That's his Jolly Ball, you know.

HB: Crap. He sees me.

HB: Later.

HB: Those big ears of his are scary.

Me: You're one to talk. I'd be less concerned with his ears and more concerned about your own.
Who or what has been chewing on you?

Me: Please tell me it hasn't been one of my chickens.

HB: All I wanted this morning was a simple drink of water. What do I get? 
A barking dog, a burro bully, and a face-to-beak encounter with a carniverous chicken. 
Don't even get me started about you and that camera.

HB: The water's pretty good, though. You might want to clean this tub before I come back tomorrow.


  1. Clearly you don't speak Bunnese.

    HB: "Thank you for your company. The welcoming song of a canine-fellow-critter. The kind attention of an even longer eared fellow-critter.
    For your concern about my ears. I'm sorry to say it happened early in life, it was one of my brothers. I have now forgiven him.
    Two questions: instead of a ball, can I have a tiny piece of bread please? And indeed a clean water tub would be highly appreciated. Now I will retreat to my own corners and leave you to your day. So glad we met! love."

    () ()

    Honey Bunny

  2. Poor little guy! Must be tough being a bunny in your neck of the woods. You have to wonder what happened to him. Glad he got a drink.

  3. Oh, he is adorable! Yes, I wonder what happened to his ears...

  4. i am soooo jealous... all your animals and you get a bunny toooo. not fair.
    i found a site that I thought of you. it has cards with asses..

  5. I wonder if he'll introduce you to his family. Easter is in a month so you might have lots of Easter Bunnies to make your day.

  6. What a sweetie, but then I'm partial to bunnies, as you know. He seems to be making himself at home there. I think he may become a new member of the herd, before long, provided he passes muster with Smooch. They're quiet residents and provide very good fertilizer, if you know what I mean. Animals always seem to know where it's safe to hang out for a while. I do wonder what was nibbling on his ears, poor little guy.

    If you're thinking of leaving out any treats for him, don't give him head lettuce. There are too many nitrates and it's actually poisonous for the little fella. Leaf lettuce is perfectly okay, and of course carrots are a favourite.

  7. Love that last shot. HB looks like he's totally chillin'. Exhausted from the days adventures.

  8. I'm taking bets on how long before we see a shot of you hand feeding it a carrot....

  9. Would look cute sitting on your new chair in the sun room .. just saying.

  10. picky free loader eh! next he/she will be wanting breakfast ;-)

  11. Great pictures, as usual. But nah, burros may swear but I don't think bunnies do. He probably just stutters, especially when face to face with that fierce chicken beak. Becky

  12. We had a bunny like honey bunny, his name was Rufus the rascally rabbit. He lived inside our house and thought he was a St Bernard puppy.
    Honey Bunny #???, are they still eating the twine on the hay? Heard a story about a parking lot at the airport that keeps cats because the rabbits (like honey) are eating parts of the vehicles that are parked there. Cute little troublemakers.

  13. I've had house rabbits before-what great little pets they are! They were even litter box trained! I love to see photos of your Honey Bunny! I can only imagine how very soft his fur is!

  14. Nancy in NC, I'll take that bet!

  15. Charming post and a last great bunny shot, chillin' at the water cooler. What lens were you using?