Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lady Wy retires to her chambers

When Lady Wynonna dressed for breakfast on Sunday, many of you asked, "How'd she do that?" 
Beats the hell out of me. All I know is that her pig palace is furnished with a blanket and a ski parka.
She decides how to arrange things and what to wear when.
Here is another example of her porcine ingenuity that occurred on another day last week.


It was a very cold and snowy morning. I went outside to make sure everybody was okay 
and realized immediately that there was a problem.

Wynonna's door and the chickens' door should never be open at the same time. 
The chickens love their breakfast bacon and will peck mercilessly at Wynonna's skin if given the opportunity.
In my early morning haste, I had done just that. Bad mom.

I went into Lady Wy's stall, expecting to find a bloody mess.

When I opened the lid on the pig palace, I was pleasantly surprised to find her highness snug as a pig in a blanket,
with her robe neatly folded at the foot of her bed. Or at least I thought she was under her blanket.
She had tucked herself in so tight it was kind of hard to tell.
Roll your mouse between the margin and the photo above if you need help visualizing.

I pulled back the corner of her blanket to confirm she was there...although the snoring was pretty much a giveaway.

Then I tucked her back in and closed the lid. I don't know if she was protecting herself from the cold or the chickens,
but she managed to do both. For that, she deserves all the royal accolades she can get.


  1. Like Cinderella, if the royal robe fits, wear it! I've always associated 'porcine' with 'princess', BECAUSE of their dainty feet. It always looks to me like they're wearing high heels. And there's just something about the proportions... :)

  2. She IS the queen! And, she's smart, too!

  3. I wouldn't know for sure, of course, because I would be on the inside, but I bet that's just how I look ten seconds before the clock radio comes on.

  4. PBPs are SO smart! Glad the evil stepsisters hadn't gotten to her!

  5. I always wondered how she kept warm. She does keep her palace neat!

  6. Animals never cease to amaze me. I would wonder how she was able to get all the corners tucked around her like that.
    Best always,

  7. She is such a smartie!!! I would really love a pig someday.

  8. I can't even keep my comforter on the bed through the night. Maybe dreams of pecking chickens would keep it on. Wynonna is one smart girl to sleep in.

  9. She just cracks me up. What a personality she has!

  10. Having been downwind from a pig farm, I have never understood the fascination with pigs. However a certain girl has allowed me to have an appreciation for the species. Still don't want to own one, but I do understand why some people like pigs. Thank you oh porcine princess.

  11. I can really only say...




  12. Lady Wy is one smart cookie! Ooops...did someone say cookie? Sorry...

  13. I'll give her several Royal Accolades, and further, those bad-ass chickens better leave her alone if they know whats good for them!

    Stella and Jo