Monday, February 4, 2013

Everybody gets tired

One good thing to come of having a flat tire on the horse trailer on the way to the big city with a sick horse
was spending some time at the tire store and seeing lots of tires destined for the landfill. 
The tire man was happy to let me recycle a few for the greater good of this blog.

I rolled one into the pasture Sunday morning, and Hank was the first to investigate.

Lucy: We all know where this is going. He's going to tip that thing over and scare the hell out of himself...

Lucy: Or me, as the case may be.

Alan took the next turn.

Round and round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

It landed squarely roundly on a bush, much to my and Alan's amazement.

Alan: I'm not sure what the point of this game is, but I'm pretty sure we're supposed to put our noses in the middle.
George: And hope like heck we don't get stuck here for eternity.

Lucy finally stepped up to see what all the fuss was about.

Thinking it might be some sort of licorice jelly doughnut, she warned Alan to back off.

Lucy: I am perfectly capable of investigating this new object all on my own
and I'll thank you very much to get the hell out of here.

Alan: B*tch.

George's reaction to the new object warrants its own post, which you'll see later in the week.


  1. A new toy! Everybody's favorite!

    Lucy seems a mite tetchy. Is it being surrounded by playful munchkins that does it to her?

  2. Wow, Lucy means business! I like how Alan is all cool about it. "Heh, whatever..."

  3. Estella from Co.2/4/13, 7:09 AM

    Well, Lucy must have woke up on the wrong side of the stall that day. We all have our days, I guess. They still are the best critters around.... for passing out smiles and giggles. Hugs

  4. Look at those ears pinned back. That says it all. It's my tire now and too bad for you. Animals are just like little kids. I get a great charge out of their games.
    Best always,

  5. Lucy said, "Get the frock out here, it's mine now!"
    She has to be a biotch, all those males!

  6. It's not just young'uns that aren't good to share toys, huh? Great new toys btw. Just another way to

  7. Possession is 9 points of the law. Lucy is layin' down the law.

  8. Great toys for the wintertime. One of the drawbacks is that snakes also like to get inside of tires when they are out.

  9. George and Alan with their heads together in the tire is so cute and Lucy leaves no doubt about what she's thinking!

  10. Here you go again, killing me with your pictures and your text (##2 and 3!!! LOL). And George and Alan nose to nose, so very cute! Wonderful post.

  11. The White Dog Army loves games where you poke your nose in the middle and get to eat! My dad know a guy who bales tires and uses them as building materials for barns and houses...very efficient.

  12. Okay, so this is obviously not posted on a corresponding blog post, but after you took the horses to the vet they had a bit more sand in their systems than preferred...did you think about using psyllium? I add it to my horses grain every few weeks or once a month, it helps to clear out their system and prevent sand from building up.