Friday, February 8, 2013

In search of ... the difference between burros and donkeys and cute horses with long eyelashes

There's a little counter at the bottom of this page that clicks off the number of times this blog has been viewed. It's not a particularly useful number, but it does link me to a whole pile of fascinating statistics. I love to learn how people find their way to this blog. The majority of traffic comes from folks like you, who stop by daily to see what's going on. But the rest of the traffic comes from people searching on Google for something specific. For example, one time someone Googled "What size does Wynonna wear?" Their search took them to this post, where I proclaimed Wynonna and I wore the same size, at least when it came to ski parkas. I hope they weren't disappointed and got a good laugh instead.

Anyway, allow me to dissect a piece of this data so you'll understand the rest of this post.

The summary above shows that a person in Tucson searched on the term "7msn ranch" and landed on my home page.
It also shows that if you Google "7msn ranch," it comes up at the number 1 position on the results list.
Apparently I'm the only "7msn ranch" in the universe.

I don't have to watch the weather forecast to know where the temperatures are ridiculously cold
and a horsekeeper is fed up with breaking ice.

Lots of folks wonder about the difference between burros and donkeys, and I'm happy to provide the answer.

When do bloggers smile? When someone lands on their blog wondering why donkeys smile!

This one makes me want to Google "chicken versus tarantulas" myself to see what #1, #2 and #3 are.

Why, yes, you can walk a snake on a leash. I hope this person learned how from my pictures.

*sniff* Google says a picture of my sweet Lyle is the #1 search result for "cute horses with long eyelashes." Google is right.

Here's one that I wish would move up higher than #12.
Maybe more folks would learn that there are peaceful ways of dealing with porcupine problems.

I wonder if this person was thinking donkey ears when they went searching?

I've never written a horror story about Wynonna! How dare Google make this erroneous assumption.

This one really makes me smile. I hope this searcher hung around for awhile and learned how much fun it can be.


  1. Estella from Co.2/8/13, 6:20 AM

    Very interesting...thank you for sharing this information.Hugs

  2. Very interesting!

    Best always,

  3. I would like to have seen the face of the searcher who landed on your post about Wynnona's dress size! Ha! Wouldn't I love to see the Lady Wy stroll down the red carpet on Oscar night, just once. Now there's something to aim for! I understand George Clooney has a pot belly pig, maybe he could be her escort. Okay, now I'm dreaming...

  4. What an interesting and funny post today. I had no idea bloggers could obtain these different stats.

  5. I don't know why but these types if posts are always my favorite. I just love seeing what people search.

    Were these stats part of your widget? I would love to be able to see mine like this!

  6. Michelle from BC2/8/13, 11:11 AM

    I really find this interesting and wasn't too sure how it worked until now.
    Not sure how and when I found you? I must have been researching vacationing in New Mexico or fly fishing in New Mexico? but I don't think you fly fish .... do you?!
    All I know is that your blog is this first thing I look at each morning for my daily smile, thanks Linda.

  7. got a few giggles out of me today, thanks.

  8. I'm the Tucsonan, and I love your blog!

  9. I knew bloggers could do this, and it's interesting to see some of your hits. It's amazing sometimes what you end up finding when you Google.
    Watching you...watching me.

  10. Carolynn I wondered the same thing. I didn't think of an Oscar night escort though lmao!! I never know whether to be pleased or horrified when I google something really weird and discover that lots of other folks out there have already thought the same thing! Carson, I can't remember how I found your blog but I'm sure glad I did!! hdj

  11. Very cool! I found you through the Pioneer Woman's blog, now I check yours out before hers!

  12. Did the person request Wynonna the Pig's dress size? Maybe they were seeking Wynonna the country western singer. After this lets use Wynonna's full name
    Wynonna "middle name" LePorcina

    OK, its just Friday with another big storm coming, just feeling a little goofy.