Monday, January 3, 2011

Wynonna and I wear the same size

A blast of arctic air moved into the southwest over the weekend. The overnight temperatures have been in the single digits, and the days haven't seemed much warmer because of the blasted wind. Taking care of the animals has been my only priority. Unless you count eating up all the holiday leftovers so that my jeans can get even tighter. So that I will be truly motivated to lose a few a bunch of pounds. Where was I? Oh, right...the frigid temperatures.

Hank and the burros have their shaggy coats and an endless supply of hay to help keep them warm. The chickens have their feathers and a draft-free coop bedded with lots of fresh straw. And Wynonna? Her pigloo is stuffed with straw, I've been serving her hot oatmeal for breakfast, and every night before I go to bed, I go out to the barn and tuck her in under my ski parka.

The porcine princess emerges in the morning with the parka regally draped across her shoulders. 

Lavender becomes her, don't you think? All that's missing is the ermine trim.

The sleeves are a bit too long, but she doesn't seem to mind,

although I did hear her grumbling that the parka wasn't long enough to cover her prodigious butt,

Hockey Steve and me | Telluride, Colorado | January 1993

 which, to be honest, was the same problem I had when I wore the darned thing.


  1. Keeping Wynonna, and the boys, warm is of the utmost importance, but the princess in a ski jacket? I got a kick out of your Twitter of it, but the pictures are priceless! Does she really allow it to stay on? You didn't put it back on for each picture?

    Soooo, next summer when it's hot do you have a bikini handy for her? Wouldn't that be a hoot!

  2. Good mom!
    I'm surprised that Wynonna doesn't move enough overnight to dislodge the jacket!
    What a tidy little sleeper.

    I don't remember reading about Hockey Steve before. A little bittersweet for you to look at that picture, huh?

  3. I had to laugh... sorry :) she is cute in lavendar.

  4. gloves...she needs gloves! oh, and ear muffs!!!

  5. It's so fun to share clothes!

    I wonder if a large dog blanket would work for her? Maybe with a girth extension? ;)

  6. It's always a good thing to recycle and re-use pieces of clothing, even if it does mean giving to to a pig,


  7. Ha! I knew she would look stylin' in that ski parka....and of course the color is just right. I guess she doesn't roll around much at night? You are, indeed, the best pig mama I have ever known. Thanks for showing the photos.

    Denise in CA

  8. Resourceful is what I'd call that... Never have run into a potbelly pig blanket in my search for good stock turnout blankets. Where (wear) there is a will, there is always a way (weigh).

  9. She does look like a pampered pig, and it is a good color for both of you.

    A columnist for the Chicago Tribune published tips for winter coats for new Chicagoans who formerly lived in warm climates. Butt coverage definitely mentioned.

    Although, for ski gear, I supposed those ski pants and underwear (that may cost a king's ransom) allow for shorter coats. Will never know, have no interest in snow sports. Like my water wet.

    Great pics of the porcine princess.

  10. Someone needs to take Wynonna's measurements and have a jacket crocheted for her. A nice jacket in a bulky yarn to keep her warm. Putting her front legs through the arms might be an issue. Purple is definitely her color but so is the pink and slime green.

  11. She looks darling in it and seems to really appreciate the extra care & attention you're giving her. Sorry to hear the temps have dropped after all that balmy weather you were enjoying.

  12. What about a nice down comforter for the little pig Princess? It would cover all her parts and she would stay nice a cozy during the night.
    Great pictures, Carson. Stay warm!
    Best always,

  13. Loved the "hockey Steve" story...he looked like a great friend!

    Tell Wy showing a little "behind" is the fad these days and it doesn't seem to make a difference that it's frigid's still sexy.

  14. I am always entertained when visiting 7MSN but this was a belly buster. She is so cute in that it. The Olde Bagg

  15. this has made me check your older posts on wynonna. my goodness, how cute is she?!! have a great day! :)

  16. Lavender is definitely her color! Glad she's found a way to keep warm and look stylish too!

  17. And she kept your jacket so clean all night! What a Perfect Princess. It's just as well she doesn't do what my Calico Queen does to keep warm at night - she sleeps on TOP of me. I've tried to get her under the covers, but it's a no go.

    Nancy in Iowa

  18. I just read your blog for the first time yesterday. I spent 2 hours reading through your old posts and admiring all of the photos! Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying both your writing and photography.


  19. Sureb hope you and steve made that trip AFTER 1003, Carson!

    Wynona looks hot in lavender!

  20. Is that lavender or the Royal Purple?

  21. Oh my Stars!

    the prodigious butt thing just totally cracked me up.

    I do so much enjoy your blog!


  22. Oh, so funny! Wynonna made my day!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  23. She is rockin' that coat! Though I'm not sure purple is her color - I think she'd look lovely in a dark green!

  24. Well really! You mean to tell me that Wynonna doesn't have her outfits custom made by a top designer? She has to rely on hand-me-downs! What is a princess to do? :)