Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday encore ~ the ranch in January

When I was looking through last January's posts to come up with an encore for today, I came across this one. 
Not surprisingly, I was whining about the weather. It gives me something to do while I wait for spring.


This past December was the coldest and snowiest month I can ever remember since moving to New Mexico, 
which makes this January seem not so bad.

Most of the snow has melted, the mud has dried up, the sun has made daily appearances, 
and I continue to kid myself that spring is just around the corner. 

I've finally caught up on scooping all the poop that collected under the snow, and in the process, I started collecting these:

Hank's hoofprints, cast in mud. I have no idea what I'll do with them, but they're too perfect to throw away.

Smooch: Imagine how much more mud I could track inside the house if my feet were as big as Hank's.

The hay barn is still more than half full, no thanks to Bouncer and his extended family.

The few piles of snow that remain are an endless source of entertainment for the chickens.

Remember Amelia, the wayward pigeon? Of course you do. I heard from her owner this week. 
She still hasn't shown up at her home in Arizona. Perhaps she's taking an extended vacation. On Howland Island.

Lucy and George are saving their energy for spring. 
Lord only knows what Alan is doing.

Hank, as usual, is large and in charge.

I still don't know what Alan is doing. Wait...I take that back.
He's keeping me smiling, which is ever so important this time of year.


  1. you and your ranch friends are a total HOOT and i always get a smile...Alan might be the biggest hoot of all.. of course the chicken on the snow pile is close

  2. Everyone looks pretty content in these pictures. I've missed seeing them all during this cold spell.
    Love the hoof cakes.

  3. Jenny in MN/now in AZ1/19/13, 8:05 AM

    Thank you Linda for this adorable post!

    It will keep me smiling all day. I think I may need to buy 2 of these pictures and put the above my desk so I can keep a smile on my face.

    Good grief Alan - you know how to make everyone giggle.

  4. I was trying to figure out how I missed this one, but it was when I was making my move from Cleveland to Phoenix. Thanks for reposting.

  5. The picture of Alan doing his yoga stretches gave me a good long chuckle!

  6. Good to know everyone is waiting out the cold. today in ABQ we all ran to grab places in the sun puddle to let a little heat soak into the White Dog Army bones. Keep smiling...and make sure the water dish isn't frozen!