Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Lucy picks a fight with the wind

Lucy: Sure is taking you a long time to get supper ready. It's cold and we're hungry.

Lucy: And the wind keeps blowing this damned door closed.

Lucy: Stay!

Lucy: How long can it possibly take to cut open a bale of hay?

Lucy: Oh for cryin' out loud...

Lucy: Stay open, you stupid door.

Lucy: I mean it this time.

Lucy: Oh, what's the point...
Do I really want to lose my nose over this?
She's bound to come out with supper eventually.

Deep Voice: Step aside, little lady.

Hank: Let me show you how it's done.

Even the wind doesn't argue with Hank.


  1. Love it.

    Els from Amsterdam

  2. My hero! Hank... I can hear him now!

  3. This photo with this comment:
    Lucy: How long can it possibly take to cut open a bale of hay?
    Absolutely beautiful! How is my favorite bachelor, Handsome Hank, feeling these days? I love to read your daily stories with photos. Have you thought about writing children's books? Your writing makes me laugh.

  4. gave me a giggle first thing this morning, thank you. It's starting to rain here @8000 ft above Taos. I sure hope it turns to snow.
    peace n abundance,

  5. As usual - this is just toooo cute!

  6. Hank is the man!

    Is that round object part of your rig to keep Hank from locking you in? ;D

  7. Hope Lucy, Hank and all of you are doing well on this gloomy skied Saturday. Oma Linda

  8. What the heck is the black round thing on the door? Looks like a bucket lid. Does it have a purpose? Please explain - it's driving me crazy:- )

  9. Well, don't mess with Hank and his dinner. You must have spent too much time catching Lucy's cuteness. A steel door and a little wind are no match.

  10. Anybody who thinks animals cannot tell time, has never fed one!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  11. Anonymous, the black round thing is indeed a bucket lid.
    Here are links to the two posts that explain it (be sure to read in the order listed):



  12. Nothing like equine entertainment :)

    BTW a FB friend posted a picture from Northeast Animal Shelter. It is out of Maine. The dog looked like he could be related to Smooch. Name was Duke. Just thought I would share that.