Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hank joins the clean plate club

I love you guys. I mean it. You offered up so many great suggestions and recipes on yesterday's post, I will forever be in your debt. 

Never in a million years would I have thought Hank might take his medicine if I simply mixed it in with a little feed. 
That method worked for so many of your horses, I had to try it.

Last night I mixed Hank's medicine with applesauce, spooned it over a bed of timothy pellets, then drizzled it with molasses. 
I've watched enough cooking shows to know the importance of presentation. 
I considered using a china plate or, at the very least, Fiestaware, then thought better of it.

Anyway, I took "dessert" out to the barn and Hank dove right in, much to Lucy's dismay.

Lucy: This doesn't seem fair at all.

Me: It's not polite to stare at Hank while he's eating.

Me: Beg all you want, but you're not getting any.

Hank: Is that all there is?
Me: Yes, except for that little bit on your whiskers.

We've got 22 more servings to get through before the antibiotics run out, and Hank might turn his nose up at the applesauce/molasses concoction at any time, but that's ok. I've got plenty more recipes up my sleeve now, thanks to you all. I can't wait to try the meds and jelly on bread. I'm thinkin' a nice sourdough, or maybe raisin... I wonder if he'd like English muffins?


  1. Succes! Do you do bed@breakfast-arrangements? I'd love some muffins...
    Els from Amsterdam

  2. That concoction looks downright tasty!

    Poor Lucy...she wonders why her convalescence from a bum leg didn't include such yummy stuff...

  3. See? You're NOT alone out there. You just can't SEE us! With meds at our house, we take the dust at the bottom of Cheerios and stockpile it. Add a little water and it gets the texture of ground beef. The dog never even closes his teeth. He just sucks down the little "meatballs" and whatever we might hide inside. He was on antibiotics for a YEAR when he had his lung removed. The infection was determined. Just not as determined as WE were.

  4. Does Hank like 'changes' in diet and routine? If so, perhaps offering him his 'dessert' in some different forms might offer him some daily enrichment (if only he knew -- maybe he does?).

    Then again, if he prefers a stable routine, go with what works.

    The only issue I see from the pictorial is the rest of the herd getting a bit huffy about the herd boss getting special treatment. Lucy's thoughts ('I get solitary and HE gets dessert?)

    M in NC

  5. who da thunk that getting meds into a horse could be so interesting eh!! ;-) Lucy, yer breaking my heart with your begging for a treat ;D

  6. blogland does it again... so much help out there, this looks good enough for me to eat it. i love molasses. looks like Hank does too

  7. I'm a thinkin Hank may not EVER eat just plain food again LOL glad you have some ideas to work with now :) hope you have a fabulous day out there...some day, I keep saying , some day I wanta come out and see all the boys, and of course Lucy and you LOL take care Jeanne in SC

  8. Always nice to know folks have your back. Hank seems very happy to have had "special" dinner. But I'm with the fair is fair crowd.....what about the others? Won't they get "cranky" after 22 times of being left out. Seems like baking might be in know Paco treats.

  9. Estella from Co.1/24/13, 7:23 AM

    You sure did make it look good. Poor Lucy, hopefully her day won't come. Have a good day Hugs

  10. Dessert looks good!

    What works with my donks is 2ginger biscuits, sandwiched together with black treacle (Molasses?) & tablets buried in the middle.

  11. Good boy Hank! Our Mellon is so picky he will refuse to eat anything in his bucket no matter how we try to disguise it. He'll actually pick out the medicine if they are pills and drop them on the floor. We've got to try this formula next.

  12. That does look good! I always start out with in the food. One dog never cared - the only animal I was able to do that with. She would take meds from my hand, if they were big enough. Little pills never interested her.

  13. Desert too? Somebody is getting spoiled.

  14. Cat from Oregon1/24/13, 9:20 AM

    I actually had a horse that would eat SMZ's out of my hand. I found out one day while treating him for a severe cold and he was trying to eat the bottle. I guess he liked the taste. My other horse at the time also learned to eat them out of hand by placing a cookie on top. I'd put all the pills in my palm and one cookie. Then replaced the cookie as it and some pills got eaten and eventually all the pills would be gone.

  15. Michelle from BC1/24/13, 10:28 AM

    I wish that recipe would work for cats! My dog just thinks pills are candy and eats right out of my hand.
    I was amazed at how many different recipes were posted yesterday....anything to help our 4 legged friends.
    Poor Lucy, probably holding a meeting with George and Alan to discuss Hank's special treatment!!!

  16. Mmmmm....timothy, applesauce, and molasses. Looks gourmet-ish. You know Lucy could smell it. I agree that Paco treats are in order for the others.
    You definitely have the right audience on your blog.

  17. Lucky you found a recipe that he likes. I often add vanilla yogurt to Siete's antibiotics (during bouts of Lymedisease), so if Hank gets tired of applesauce, you might try that. It's good to have yogurt when you take antibiotics, they say.

  18. That was great! So much easier for you then syringe applesauce...more time for photos! Yay!

  19. You opted out of the China or Fiestaware, but now, wouldn't a candlelabra with lit candles have added a nice touch?