Thursday, December 27, 2012

Son of Sock Monkey

I was in Tractor Supply over the weekend, buying some last-minute Christmas gifts ... for myself:
a new manure rake and a t-post puller. A girl's got to spoil herself once in awhile.
Anyway, I saw a big bin of dog toys, and I couldn't resist buying one for Smooch.

He's got the cutest little squeak.

On Christmas morning, I introduced Smooch to her new friend.

Smooch: Me loves me some Sock Monkey.

Smooch: Look, mom! He does cartwheels!

Smooch: And he's got a heckuva right hook. Ouch.

Me: Smooch, it appears you've torn off Son of Sock Monkey's ear.

Smooch: Oops. Can we buy him a hearing aid?

Smooch: Sorry, little buddy. I promise to be more careful.

Me: You two will have to keep each other company for the rest of the day, ok?
I'm going to Morning Bray Farm to play with my friends...

...who were standing in the corner watching the new girl go by...

... on her first walk at her new home ...

...with her new family. What a great way to spend Christmas.


  1. A tale of two sweet girls.
    Smooch is so darn cute, especially in that last photo with her pretty little legs crossed so daintily!
    And little Harriet with the big ears, being amazed at how nice life can be!
    I'd wager she's waiting for the shoe to drop, but it won't be long before she forgets about her sad past and knows that this is how Harriet's Life is.

  2. Wow~! Look at all those ears!!! :-)

  3. We also got our little doggie a sqeek toy at TS and she loved it...that new donkey is just the cutest !!! Glad you had a good Christmas and LOVED your gifts from you to you :) Hope the New Year is the best yet for you !! Jeanne in SC

  4. It's all fun and games until somebody loses an ear... ;D

    Best wishes to everyone at 7MSN from everyone at Edgewood!

  5. Smooch is such a cutie with her new toy...well I mean she's a cutie anytime.
    And lucky long eared Harriet is such a pretty girl and she's even luckier because Auntie Linda got to spend her first Christmas at MBF. So glad you all had a great time, as usual.
    Oma Linda

  6. Hip, Hip Hooray for sock monkeys and new homes for Christmas!!

  7. Estella from Co.12/27/12, 8:46 AM

    You are so funny, Linda..Hugs Harriet is such a lucky jenny..

  8. Our pet shop gave (yes gave!) the puppy a sock monkey. Puppy will get it as a surprise this weekend. Smooch is adorable. Harriet-in the last photo you can just tell she is full of wonder and amazement at her new happy home.

  9. I can't help but wonder how many cartwheels Son of Sock Monkey did while you were gone and if he still has arms and legs.

    The Morning Bray herd seems taken by Harriet as the rest of us are. The last picture is the sweetest. Full hearts busting out in smiles.

  10. "Oops. Can we buy him a hearing aid?" ROFL!!!!!!!!!

    Glad you, Smooch, and Harriet and her new family, had a good Christmas.

  11. Hey Smooch! Thats one cute little monkey you got for Christmas! I won a little contest and got THREE Angry Birds and they all squeak!

    Ain't life wonderful?



  12. What a great day! Willow would have had poor Mr. Sock Monkey torn to shreds in a matter of minutes. And, eaten.

  13. Smooch and sock mokeys....two adorable things I can't resist!