Friday, November 9, 2012

The ranchsitters report in

God bless the internet and email and my ranchsitters. They took pictures this morning and sent them to me, 
along with stories to go with them! Herewith is a dispatch from the 7MSN from Ethelette #1:

We are having a blast and have taken most of today to really gain their trust and spoil them rotten in the process.
I tried out the panoramic option on my phone.

Hank was looking for the herd and hoping they were not coming back since I had just given him some of those homemade cookies...
he knew I had more in my pocket for the rest of the gang.

Hank checked out Ethel to see if she had any cookies. She had none, so he washed her hands for her.

The gang must have heard me say cookies, so along they came with Lucy leading.

We gave them their cookies and I had to put away my camera because they thought it was edible as well (especially Hank).

I think Hank is in love with me.

He is so much in love with me that I am not allowed to take any pics of anyone else. We call this "photo bombing."

Apparently being the photographer does not exclude me from scratching George's butt.

Still watching me closely... and so handsome in the process.

We are slowly gaining the trust of Alan, who is warming up to us (especially after the cookies).

This is a great story. Lucy managed to gently put Ethel's zipper in her mouth and proceed to zip it up and down for her since she could not decide for herself if she was hot or cold. The sound of the zipper going up and down was hilarious knowing it was thanks to Lucy.

As you know, when you are the camerawoman, you do not have very many opportunities to be in the picture itself. Lucy convinced me to turn the camera around and take our picture. She promised it would turn out great.

Lucy has now officially "photo bombed" while Jay scratches George's butt.

Jay being handsome (oh to make it that easy... *jealous*).

Alan wants to know when Jay is going to start taking pics and not just stand there looking pretty. (I was wondering the same thing.)

Spending the last hour and 45 minutes with them was not enough and they followed us back... we didn't mind one bit.

I had to throw this one in. On the morning news, it is perfectly normal for the weatherman to carry a Chihuahua while giving us the forecast. That is a picture of your news on the tv. (We laughed our asses off.)

Hope you are having a good time! We are enjoying every minute of being able to help you out :)


  1. Well... I dare say your animals may not be all that thrilled to see you again, considering the royal treatment they're getting while you're gone.
    I noticed there were no pics of the Porcine Princess. Did she take to her bed with the trauma of it all? I can hear her now... I vant to be alone

  2. OK, OK, with the temps in the high 60's, what's with the parkas, and toques?

  3. What a great report - including the chihuahua-toting weather reporter!
    How lucky you are to have such great critter-sitters. And how lucky they are to be able to sit such great critters! I'm jealous.

  4. The herd certainly adoped Ethel and the Etheletts and I'm sure that you are pleased as punch.
    As to Steve the yeah.

  5. I love the photo bombs! That's funny! How can you not love Hank. Great photos too and the weatherman is hysterical. It looks as though the gang is in very good hands. I wish I was there!

  6. I hate to mention this, Carson, but I'm afraid the gang is not mourning your absence...not one little bit !!

  7. Ranch AND blog sitters extraordinaires! What fun, what a treat! I'd say they've already earned themselves a bottle of champagne. Love the panoramic photo (and all the others).

  8. Thanks very much, Helperpeoples, for such a varied and interesting report.

    I am sort of new here, but I do require my 7MSN Ranch fixes on a daily basis now. The day without them is just way too empty!

    Keep on having fun with the menagerie!

    Jo in MN

  9. Who knew Lucy zips! I think you hound out something that Carson didn't know.

  10. What a comfort it must be for you to know your babies are in such loving and competent hands! I wish I could be a mouse on the fencepost when they see/hear you coming advice is, you'd better bring presents! :)

  11. They're going to be rotten when you get home.I think they're taking advantage of the situation.
    I'm glad to see Ethel crutching around. Hope she's being spoiled too.
    Sister is just as pretty as Jay.

  12. Ditto to sundog's comments! What great herd (et al) sitters, and what great commentary! Boy oh boy, did you ever luck out! (Hope you're enjoying your time in FLA w/ your family!)


    PS -- "Cookies" is one of my dogs' favorite words! ANYone that mentions *that* word and has a treat to back it up becomes their best friend! Just sayin' ... ;)

  13. It just doesn't get better than this. The best animal sitters and blog sitters to boot. You'll just have to move next door. We'll miss yo'all when your stay is up.
    Hope you're having a great time in the Florida sun, Carson. Hi to your folks.

  14. I think Ethel and her Ethelettes could all have a new career in ranch sitting. They are GOOD!

  15. Is that another dog IN the weather screen? What do they put in the water in Albequerque ? I love this post!

  16. I would luv to have a vacation of scratching donkey bottoms and horse ears eh! ;-) Not to mention living where there is no traffic, le sigh........
    Smootch must have been in the house making the margaritas ;D

  17. Wow, Carson---how lucky you are! The photo bombs are hilarious, and I love your weatherman. It takes a big man to tote a small dog.

  18. Great report. And now, all I can say is that daughter and I want to be next in line to come ranch-sit!!! Hope you are having a wonderful and well-deserved visit with your parents.

  19. Ethelette :)--Great post!! I'm sure Carson is having a much better visit with her folks thanks to your reporting.

  20. "...cuz every little thing's gonna be alright..."

    What a great post. Love the panoramic, the photo bombs and love love the selfie with Lucy!

    Linda, I hope this eases your worry significantly so you can enjoy your time. It looks as though you have very competent (and very beautiful might I add) ranch hands!

  21. i laughed and smiled all the way through this story. perfect photo bombing and i wish it were me and my hubby ranch sitting. you are blessed to have them. and i do agree, jay is indeed very handsome.

  22. Carson, your gang is terrific and so very accepting of the hard-working ranch sitters! But I hope they don't let Lucy get near Jay's jeans.....

    Nancy in Iowa

  23. Excellent photojournalism and diary update. Love the Chihuahua - don't tell Hank that.

    So, whatcha doin' in Florida, Linda?