Sunday, October 7, 2012

The original Paco Treats, made in Wisconsin with love

Some of you may remember this recipe for Paco Treats, the super-duper-delicious equine cookies
made originally by C in WI (a long-time reader and commenter on this blog) for her horse Paco. 
My herd is addicted to them, Justina's herd at Morning Bray Farm is addicted to them, and C in WI is solely to blame.

Well guess who the wind blew in to Albuquerque this weekend for the balloon fiesta? 
C in WI! And guess what she brought!

Carlyce and her husband visited Morning Bray Farm yesterday, and they came bearing Paco Treats.

Funny how a shy donkey like Buck drops all his inhibitions when Paco Treats are involved.

Even Gracie Belle couldn't resist!

For Ellsworth, Paco Treats are nothing short of a religious experience. 
It's like he's receiving holy communion.

Carlyce is a very experienced horsewoman, but until yesterday, she never had the opportunity to experience donkeys.

I'm pretty sure Gracie and boys of Morning Bray Farm won her over. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Look at all that adorable donkey love and bliss. Now if I could only take a few back with me on the plane!! :). :)

  2. OHMY!! Buck has the SWEETEST expression eh!! I want to give him an extra treat and big hug and luving.....

  3. What a nice trip for Carlyce and the perfect donkey experience. Sweet faces and they all seem so well behaved. Have to try the Paco Treats.

  4. What a lovely visit to MBF for the C in Wi and hubby. And what a joy for the herd there.
    Looks like another successful donkeyfication has been conducted.

  5. So jealous of Carlyce! I would have packed myself in her suitcase if I could! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. The donkeys stand in the semi circle like a bunch of good little pups waiting for the goodies. How nice that C in WI and her hubby could visit you, nice for them, nice for you, nice for the donks!


  7. I'm jealous too.
    I must find out if there are any donkeys in my area that I could bring treats to!

  8. Carson, what amazing pictures!! So glad they finally got to meet the chef!