Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Bad Pig

It was Thursday night around six o'clock. I was pressed for time. Smooch and I hadn't gone for our walk yet, 
I hadn't seen Lucy and the boys since lunchtime, I didn't have any pictures for Friday's post, 
and I was running out of daylight. Silly me decided to solve all my problems at once.

Me: Come on, Smooch. We're going on a walk to find Lucy and the boys, and we're taking the camera. 
We've got 30 minutes before it gets dark. Let's take a shortcut through the barn.

Me: Hey, Smooch, as long as we're walking through Wynonna's stall, 
let's see if we can get a picture of you two together. Wouldn't that be nice?

Smooch: La-de-da-de-da.

Me: Smooch, look this way.

Me: Whoa!


Me: How DARE you attack Smooch! You should be ashamed of yourself! She was just sitting there!
Wynonna: I felt threatened. First you subdivide my stall, then you bring a dog in here? How dare YOU?
Me: Ok, I see your point. I'm sorry.

Smooch: Get me the hell out of here. That pig is evil.
Me: No, she is not evil, just a little misunderstood. Now just chill.

Wynonna: Think twice before you trespass through here again.
Me: Yes, your highness. 

Smooch and I eventually found Lucy and the boys way out in the back 40.
I was hoping to take a few nice group shots, but I couldn't get Smooch to cooperate. 
She was too worried about the attack pig waiting for her back at the barn.


  1. Hey Smooch, I can see you are a brave and strong dog but boy, that is a lot of pig to take on. I'm sure you could run a lot faster than that big girl! I am a town dog, and I never get to see pigs or donkeys like you do and sometimes I'm just as glad.


  2. I see Smooch doing her look-away in the first shot, but it wasn't enough to appease the princess. Wow!

  3. OKAY! Don't mess with the temperamental and territorial Miss Wynonna. She obviously doesn't want to share the photo op.
    Love you Smooch.

  4. Close call with the porcine princess. I'm glad nobody got hurt!

  5. Wynonna:
    Me big pig, you little dog. Who rules? ME-eeee!

  6. You're very lucky to have a WatchDog and WatchPig on Duty.

    If I was Smooch I'd have gotten out of there quick too. She is a big girl with attitude.

  7. I'm looking at Wynonna, and looking at the crate in the background. Does Wy actually fit into that thing?!

    Great dog/pig action shots!