Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday errands with Smooch

The weather is finally cool enough for Smooch to accompany me on my weekly trip to town. 
Having her along makes the trip almost tolerable.

I just wish she'd relax and enjoy it. We weren't even out of the garage when she went on high alert.

Here is Smooch at the first cattle guard.

Me: Smooch, the odds of something coming down the road toward us are about a million to one. Chill.

Here is Smooch at the mailbox.

Me: Smooch, we've got five more stops. Please, relax.

Here is Smooch at the feed store.

Me: Smooch, you've got to blink at some point.

Here is Smooch at the post office.

Smooch: This place is creepy. No wonder they're losing money.

Here is Smooch at the Sonic Drive-in.

Smooch: You should have ordered extra cheese on this breakfast burrito.

Here is Smooch at the hardware store.

Smooch: Hmm. I'm sort of liking it here. There's a cute dog in that truck over there, 
and the cowboy's not bad-looking either. Go on in. Take your time. I'll try to get their number.

Here is Smooch in the Walmart parking lot.

Smooch: If you're not back in 15 minutes, I'm coming in after you.


  1. Poor Smooch looks traumatized by the sight of some WalMartians!

  2. HAHA!! You two have got to get out more eh!! ;-)

  3. I agree with her about Wal-Mart....

  4. Have you noticed the resemblance between Smooch's stare and that of George Rodrigue's "Blue Dog?" I'm pretty sure they're kin.

  5. I take my dogs Barney and Max with me all the time in the car (unless its too hot). They are great company and think its a special treat. It often ends up at the dog park which we all enjoy!

    You are a good co-pilot Smooch!

  6. Absolutely love the picture in the Walmart parking lot. I look the same way when I go there.

  7. so sweet and beautiful. looks to me like you had a really busy trip into town. at least no one would steal your jeep

  8. I almost think that Walmart photo makes it seems like she's saying, "Don't leave me out here, this is where all the crazy people shop."

  9. hahahahahahaha! love me some Smooch! thanks for the giggles!

  10. It's good to have a co-pilot no matter where you go. Smooch does a great job of seeing that things go the way they are supposed to. :-)

  11. My sisters dog used to sit behind the wheel and beep the horn until she came out! My dog would jump out and come into the store and wait for me. The first time I heard people saying "who's dog is that?" and when I looked I was like " OH %^^$#@!!" He was a big boy, but he would still squeeze thru that cracked window.

  12. I started laughing at the second picture. She's maybe heard stories of cows and black eyes, tire sucking mud, snakes set free at the road, and white knuckle trips to the vet. Her ears are every bit as expressive as the equines. Good job, Smooch.

  13. That-a boy, Smooch, get that phone number!

  14. I hate Walmart...and, I have very few other choices for shopping now. It makes me very cranky.

    Willow used to be constantly in motion when I took her along with me to run errands. After her 15 hour epic journey over the Rockies to our new home in the prairies, she settles down almost immediately and snoozes, as though she's resigned to being there for a long time.

    Smooch sure is a sweetheart.

  15. I'm still laughing over the "Walmart" photo! Love it!
    I take my Blue with me a lot. He's so big that I put the seatbelt across his chest and he sits on his butt with his legs out like a person. People hollar and honk at him and he appears to be so aloof and ignores them...but actually he's just deaf.
    Yep, there's nothing like a dog for a co-pilot.