Monday, October 29, 2012

George and Alan visit the big box store

Shopping is a win-win proposition around here. I get the contents and the boys get the boxes.

I was surprised at how well George and Alan could pick up these cartons and move them around.
Perhaps I could hire them out to UPS.

Lucy thought about waiting in line for her turn to play with the box...

...but as usual thought better of it and left the silly boys with their toys.

Alan: Maybe next time she'll buy a new refrigerator. Imagine the possibilities!

George: Wait just a minute here. Do you see what this says? 
"Travelpro? The choice of flight crews and frequent travelers?" 
I don't like the sound of that one stinkin' bit.

Alan: Mom wouldn't dare pack this box and leave. Or would she? I'd better run off with it just in case.


  1. After all the UPS and Fedex shenanigans could on tape last holiday season, what with tossing packages over fences and such, I have a feeling George and Alan would actually be gentler on the contents of a box!

  2. Your fans would like to see you get a new refrigerator JUST so we could watch your boys demolish the box! :)

  3. I think Hank and Lucy were hoping for sweet feed or treats. Maybe George and Alan are going to pack for their trip to the vet.

  4. I will write a referance for the gang to work with UPS eh!! ;-)

  5. Somebody got new luggage.
    You know, UPS is hiring for the holiday season. The boys might like a job. :)

  6. George and Alan are like all kids....the boxes spark their imaginations. Love the play they create for themselves.

  7. Carol in N. Colorado10/29/12, 9:17 AM

    George and Alan could deliver packages to me anytime. Second thought they could just come and visit and forget the packages.

  8. Well the photo hardback's are pretty neat, but I think the Deluxe totes are really Cool! Can't wait to see what is up next.

  9. It sounds like there could be a grand adventure in the planning.