Wednesday, October 17, 2012

George's bag of tricks

Yesterday when faced with the choice of paper or plastic, Hank went straight for the plastic. 
You can lead a horse to be environmentally correct, but you can't make him play with it.

Miss Lucy seemed to lean toward the paper,

but then decided the research study was beneath her and left in a huff.

Alan and George engaged in a debate over the merits of recycling,

until George got fed up with Alan's interruptions and went off to explore another topic.

George: It must say here somewhere how to remove this sack from the cactus.

Alan: When did you get to be so smart?

George: It always pays to read the instructions.

George: Want to see what else I've got in my bag of tricks?


  1. Those two can make anything exciting! :)

  2. Lucky donkeys! I was looking at Peaceful Valley's (Burroman) twitter page yesterday and saw way too many pictures of donkeys NOT getting to play with feed bags. I just need to get Eric to put up our fence and I'm all in with getting a couple rescue donks myself. :)

  3. I do, I do! I want to see what else is in George's bag of tricks!! :-)

  4. These guys are always up for a game, an experiment. Everything is potential fun.