Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Every good dog deserves a cookie

It was Saturday evening around 5:00. I was cleaning up the kitchen. 
Something caught my eye over in the bedroom. 

Me: Smooch, staring at the phone won't make it ring.

Smooch: Mom, it appears you left one of my cookies on the nightstand. May I have it please?

Me: Smooch, have I told you today what a good dog you are?

Smooch: Actions speak louder than words. 
You don't have to say a thing as long as you give me that cookie.

Smooch: I wonder how long I have to sit here before she falls for that good-dog thing again?


  1. What a good girl Smooch is! Wally would have been good and waited also but the bed would have been soaked down with drool ... it's a Boxer thing!

  2. That's what I call self control. Give me that cookie..with the tongue and the tail. Wonder how long she would have been good?

  3. Oh, what a GOOD GIRL! My black lab, Ripley, would have just grabbed it and run off to another room! GOOD GIRL, Smooch!

  4. So Smooch is not only good looking but she's incredibly well behaved to boot. And she sits pretty.

  5. Yer a good girl Ms!

  6. tell Smooch he is one handsome dog and also really really a good dog. Jake or Baby Girl would have gobbled it up and i would not have known it was there, they will also gobble anything left on a table that is people food and love to eat paper, as in paper towels left on a table.

  7. Smooch is always a favorite in the cast of characters at 7MSN.

    Read this story, today, about a woman rancher whose ranch(es) border southern Arizona and Northern Mexico. GREAT story! Especially with regard to returning water to the land. Thought you'd enjoy if you hadn't already read it.

    Take good care! As always, thanks for sharing your life with us dreamers!

  8. That is a great portrait of Smooch.

  9. Truly a good dog!
    Love that Smooch.
    My Blue would have watched me until I looked away and then snatched it right up!

  10. Carol in N. Colorado9/22/12, 2:16 PM

    Good girl, Smooch! You look so royalty like on the bed with your paws crossed. You are a beautiful girl!

  11. OOOooohhhhh aaaawwww what a good dog she is and what a gorgeous girl too
    peace n abundance,

  12. awwww, what a good girl. OMG, she is just so beautiful.
    My little Pax (4 mo today) would have snatched that rite up, lol. Wer'e working on that,;-)

  13. Mine would have been walking on the nightstand! Ha! Smooch is such a good dog-and truly a beauty too!

  14. ohhh...she is so beautiful........