Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Best. Day. Ever.

It's been a few months since the boys of Morning Bray Farm came over for a play date, and we anxiously await their return. 
Meanwhile, here is a post from September 2011 that contains some of my favorite herd-dynamics photos of all time.


The boys of Morning Bray Farm arrived Sunday morning.

Bernard couldn't get off the trailer fast enough for his play date. 

And look who was next...Patrick! We all wanted to make sure he had the best time ever, this being his first outing
away from Morning Bray Farm since being rescued from his life as a roping donkey.

Ellsworth was the last to unload. I think he may have sensed that fun and games were not the only items on his agenda.

Anyway, seeing six donkeys in one corral was more than any of us could stand. Hank literally was jumping for joy.
(Don't worry. He knows how to land softly and safely from his airs above the ground.)

Everybody had to show off and establish his place in the new herd.
Me: Yes, George, I do think you look tough with your slicked-back ears.
Now put them back up and play nice.

Alan and Patrick are of like size, and there was a short meeting of the minds.
Or was that a meeting of the short minds?

All the boys lined up for an audience with the queen Lucy.
Bernard: I am not worthy. Get me out of here.

Once the formalities were over, Justina and I saddled up Ellsworth and Lucy for the mane event,
while Don stayed back to babysit brush Hank. Hank can be so demanding. Sorry, Don, but thanks!  

Ellsworth took to the trail like he'd been doing this all his life. Riding in ditches, through narrow pathways between trees, alongside live cows, alongside a dead cow... the boy passed every test we gave him. And you should see him trot and lope! It was tough to take pictures of Justina, though. The glare from her smile kept overexposing the images.

She took this picture of me taking a picture of her. The smiling was contagious.

Ellsworth: Want to come over to my place next time? 
I know this great trail down by the river where we can be alone.

Meanwhile, back at the corral after the best-trail-ride-ever, 
Patrick was in his element. He got to taste his first potato chip...

and his first margarita.

He even went nose-to-nose with Smooch...

...while I was giving a lecture on hoof anatomy. Perhaps it was the tequila talking.

Wynonna got her fair share of attention. She also got her biannual vaccination. It's a three-person job, and Justina and Don were gracious enough to assist. You know who your real friends are when they help you give your pig a shot.

Then it was time to hang out in the pasture and see if we could get everybody together for a group shot.
Lucy: Dare I ask what you're doing, Justina?

Justina: Work with me here, ok? I'm trying to move everyone closer together.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and it was time to load up the MBF boys for the trek home.

There goes Patrick, the self-loading donkey. (If his cattle-prod-wielding abusers could see him now...) 

Best. Day. Ever.


  1. oh my goodness, what a Saturday morning treat..thank you so much Linda for sharing your activities and wonderfully entertaining herd :) Don't ever stop posting !!! your "friend' from SC

  2. i always always have a blast when i come here. your blog makes me happy. I hope you don't mind, but i have smooch and patrick as my desktop photo, so when i open my laptop, i see your donkeys.

  3. What a fabulous post! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. What a great day-- and a great, great blog. Thanks.

  5. All the equines are gorgeous, second or third times around even. But Patrick is such a case in point when it comes to giving donkeys the respect and love they deserve. What a darling boy he is. I love his fuzzy old self. And the picture of Patty Pat and Alan is so dear, makes me sniffle a bit.
    Seeing all of you together is such a kick. Warms an old broad's heart. OmaLinda

  6. That was the best. Day. Ever. :)

    We'll be there again soon and can't wait.

  7. I absolutely adore that picture of Hank jumping for joy. Loved it the first time, love it still. I don't think that one would ever get old.

    And I can't believe anyone would ever rope such an adorable creature as Patrick. I love his furry forehead.

    Miss Lucy has a beautiful dappled behind. :)

    What fun! I can't wait for the next time they come to visit.

  8. It's fun to see all the faces and behaviors, equine and human. Love the picture of Alan and Patrick. And Justina and Don. And you in your chaps on Lucy, grinning with your camera. Oh heck, I love them all.

  9. What a treat! I'd forgotten all the wonderfulness of this visit. Loved it!!

  10. Everyone looks so happy to see each other! Hank is quite the acrobat...

  11. We love donkey's and loved reading this blog post and seeing the pictures. They are all super pretty! Glad to view the fun!

  12. LOL great fun!

    More pics of Lucys cute spotted butt!! LOL LOL

  13. yes indeed,
    best day ever.