Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lucy doesn't share my enthusiasm for weather-related events

Me: Lucy, come up for air. You're missing it.

Lucy: Missing what?

Me: The morning rainbow.

Lucy: I'm busy. I'll look at it later on the blog.


  1. The last sentence cracks me up. Lucy is a clever girl!

  2. You have a two-fer there!
    A faint little rainbow shadow to the left of the big one.

  3. What a pretty morning. Hope you got a little rain.
    I walked through a huge spider web in the yard yesterday evening and all I could think about was your tweet. Thanks for the dance.

  4. Dangit Lucy it's a double one!

    That 3rd picture "to me" almost looks like she is saying, Wut, that? and then she goes back to eating.

  5. You have a rainbow every morning? That's so great! How can that NOT put you in a good mood?